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Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer, STV Series

  1. Chamber Volume: 108L, 135L, 192L
  2. Working temperature: 40-60 ℃
  3. Total Cycle Time: 35-55 minutes
  4. Hydrogen peroxide concentration: 58%~60%

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The low temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer is suitable for rapid sterilization of various medical surgical instruments in hospital operating rooms and disinfection supply centers. Microcomputer control, touch operation, automatic lift door.

The low-temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer generates plasma through the action of high-frequency electric field in the disinfection chamber under low temperature and vacuum state, in which the active substance chemically reacts with the protein and nucleic acid in the microorganism, destroying the microorganism and disturbing the microorganism the survival function, and then use H₂O₂ as a medium to act on the microbial cells to further kill the microorganisms.

Items and materials that can be sterilized

Hysteroscope, laparoscope, laryngoscope, probe, rigid endoscope, flexible endoscope, ophthalmic lens, fiber optic cable, intracranial pressure sensor, cryotherapy probe, prostatectomy device, esophagus dilator, electrocautery instrument, Vibration motor, laser head, metal, glass, silicone, rubber, etc.

Consumables: hydrogen peroxide sterilant, plasma biological indicator, plasma chemical indicator card (label), plasma indicator tape, non-woven fabric, plasma medical packaging bag, etc.

Technical advantages

  1. Low temperature sterilization:

Sterilization temperature is 50℃±5℃, low temperature without humidity, no damage to sterilized items and instruments.

  1. Green and pollution-free:

The sterilant uses hydrogen peroxide solution, no toxic substances remain, no drainage or exhaust, and no damage to the operator’s body. There are filters at the air inlet and exhaust port, which can fully absorb the H₂O₂ removed during the vacuum residue removal process. No pollution to the environment.

  1. Sterilization and stability

The sterilization room is made of aluminum, which has the properties of anti-corrosion and fast heat conduction, which makes the temperature of the sterilization room more balanced and ensures that the H₂O₂ remains full and gaseous throughout the whole process. The hydrogen peroxide low-temperature storage system ensures that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is stable and effective, and does not volatilize.

  1. High sterilization efficiency:

The design of the rectangular sterilization chamber makes it more convenient to load more instruments at one time, which improves the usable space of the sterilization chamber.

  1. the safety and stability of the sealed door:

The electric lift door is used, which runs smoothly and has a safety interlock device to avoid potential safety hazards caused by misoperation of equipment and operators.

  1. safe operation is simple:

Adopt high-intelligent control processor, one-key start, convenient operation, and it can be used after power on.

  1. Configuration:

The selected configuration has smooth compatibility. Control system, vacuum pump, pressure sensor, solenoid valve and other key hardware are all good components. Diversified program selection, control system can be maintained.

  1. save time and money:

The sterilization cycle is short, sterilization is completed within 55 minutes, and it can be used directly without any treatment. The cost of each sterilization is low, which can improve the turnover rate of sterilized instruments and reduce costs.

  1. the air inlet is equipped with a sterile filter:

It can effectively filter germs and microorganisms to avoid secondary pollution when discharging residues.

  1.  U disk storage function:

The disk capacity is ≥8G, and it can store and record ≥1 million sterilization data. The stored information includes program serial number, sterilization date, sterilization pot times, sterilization start and end time, and pressure, temperature, stage time and end of the sterilization process status, etc.


【Material of Sterilization Room】 Using high-quality 5052 aluminum material, the cavity structure is rectangular, to improve space utilization, cavity thickness ≥ 8mm, has excellent thermal conductivity.

【Outer box material】 ABS plastic disposable plastic.

【Electrode mesh material】 aluminum alloy material 5052, sheet metal forming, thickness ≥ 2mm.

【Sealing door material】5052 aluminum alloy material, thickness ≥15mm.

【Loading method】 The upper and lower two layers of aluminum alloy punching plates are loaded with sterilized items, with large loading capacity and high space utilization rate.

【Door opening method】 Adopt a jack-driven electric lifting door and a light-sensing infrared sensor switch to control the opening and closing of the sterilization chamber door.

【Door anti-pinch function】 has the function of door barrier switch.

【Cavity temperature heating power】 Preheating heating time ≤30min.

【Main insulation】 ≥20mm rubber and plastic sponge.

【Full automatic control system】 LCD circuit touch screen display PLC circuit design, safe and reliable, the system can be maintained and upgraded.

【Printer】 A micro-printer is used to print out the data every minute during the entire sterilization process, which can be permanently saved.

【PLC】 Use Siemens smart series PLC control system.

【Display screen】 A 7-inch color touch screen is used, and the communication rate is ≥ 19.2Kbps.

【Display status】 Temperature, pressure, time, cycle mode, process stage and alarm information, etc., and provide actual interface photos.

【Storage function】 It can store and record the sterilization data of 500 times.

【Biological indicator incubator】 A microcomputer-controlled biological indicator dedicated constant temperature incubator is used for the constant temperature cultivation process of the biological indicator for sterilization effect monitoring. The temperature control accuracy is ≤ ± 0.3 ℃ within the full range; the temperature can be set by itself .

【Pressure Sensor】 The built-in pressure sensor adopts imported sensors to automatically detect the pressure in the cavity to ensure that the accuracy of the pressure in the cavity is controlled within the effective range.

【Temperature Sensor】 The built-in temperature sensor automatically detects the temperature in the cavity to ensure that the temperature in the cavity is kept within the precise range of 50 ℃ ± 5 ℃.

【Program system】There are two programs to strengthen circulation and rapid circulation.

【Network Connection】 There is a network connection port.

【Vacuum system】The vacuum pumps of well-known domestic manufacturers are used, which are simple and convenient, with a fast vacuum rate and a long service life.

【Evacuation Control Valve】 Adopt high vacuum baffle solenoid valve to control the evacuation pipeline.

【Oil mist filter】The product has an exhaust oil mist filter system.

【Air filter】 The filtration accuracy is less than or equal to 0.22μm.

【Plasma power supply】Adopt transistor control power supply, power ≤800W, with the advantages of stable power output and high frequency accuracy.

【Hydrogen peroxide filling method】 Cartridge filling method.

【Sterilization effect】 The silicone hose with an inner diameter of 1mm and a length of 4m can achieve the sterilization effect.

【Heating System】 Adopt explosion-proof flame retardant heating system.

【Various protection functions】 With over-voltage and over-temperature protection functions.


Product model STV-100  STV-130 STV-220
Effective Volume 108L  135L  192L
Product form Automatic door vertical
Heating method Electric heating
Working temperature  40-60 ℃
Select sterilizer  58%-60% hydrogen peroxide (H202)
Sterilization time  30-60 minutes
Installation environment  10-40℃
Temperature display  LCD touch screen
Maximum anti-stress value  ≤5Pa
Operation height  ≤160cm.
Power AC220V, 50Hz
Dimensions(L*W*H)  1105 × 790 × 1765mm
Liner size(L*W*H)  700 × 430 × 360mm 750 × 450 × 400mm 820 × 510 × 460mm
Power 3.5KVA  4.2KVA 4.8KVA
Weight  265kg  272kg  305kg

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