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Illumination Chamber, ICB-L-E Series

  1. Volume:150L, 260L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 1000L
  2. Temperature range&fluctuation&uniformity:0-50°C; ±0.5℃;±0.1°C
  3. Can increase the illuminance according to customer requirements
  4. Compressor delay protection time:About 3 min

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Illumination Chamber is a biological incubation experiment instrument, which adopts a microcomputer automatic control system with programmable control mode and intermittent cooling.

  • Micro-computer control, integrated control panel. The parameters can be set are: time, temperature, light, humidity, period etc.
  • Over-temperature and sensor abnormality protection to ensure the equipment and sample safety.
  • Adopt LED light( ICB-L150E adopts Fluorescent lamp), beneficial to plant growth, disease resistance.
  • It has the functions of power-down memory and automatic compensation for power-down time.
  • Aluminum alloy frame, silver color and be able to the aging and deformation. With lock-door to protect the sample from falling out.
  • The device has wheels, which is easy to move.
  • Inside the incubator is grid structure,which can be adjusted according to the length of the sample.
  • Duct-ventilated type with soft wind and uniformity temperature.
  • The material of tank: stainless steel.
  • Anti-irradiation tempered-glass with coating to ensure a good insulation performance.
  • Light can be customized by users required. Our standard light is 8000lux. The max. light we can provide is 12000lux.


Model ICB-L150E ICB-L260E ICB-L300E ICB-L500E ICB-L1000E
Volume 150L 260L 300L 500L 1000L
Temp. range 0-50°C
Temp.fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temp.uniformity ±0.1°C
Illuminance 0~8000lux 0~12000lux
(It can be customized)
Can increase the illuminance according to customer requirements
Heating power 300W 700W
Compressor power 190W-320W
Compressor delay protection time About 3min
Sound emission <70dB
Working mode Continuous operation (compressor intermittent working)
Working environment Temperature: 0-38°C, humidity<80%RH, non-corrosive gas
Electricity 220±22V, 50±0.5Hz
External dimensions 525*540*1580mm 580*630*1755 mm 580*630*1895mm 705*825*1971mm 1230*708*1865mm
Internal dimensions(L*W*H) 424*430*962mm 480*480*1040mm 480*480*1290mm 575*650*1480mm 1230*600*1270mm
Net weight/Gross weight (Kg) 90/100 105/120 135/150 180/210 290/310


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