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Industrial Spray Particle Size Analyzer, PSA-SI319 Series

  1. Exclusive patent technology
  2. Protective airflow device
  3. Versatile structure design
  4. Efficient optical path alignment system
  5. Multiple size distribution model

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PSA-SI319 is a specially designed and developed bench-top spray laser particle size analyzer for droplet size test. This instrument adopts Fraunhofer diffraction principle and parallel light path design with high-performance and high-power laser, lifetime>25000hours, which can meet the requirements of droplet test, with its range can be adjusted according to the customers’ requirement.

Exclusive patent technology
Parallel optical testing technology
Spectrum amplification technique
Auxiliary integration photoelectric detector
Unique Airflow Protection Device
Len&User-friendly device
airflow protection device
Split-Type Structure Design
Advanced system and model
Table automatic optical path alignment system
Multiple size distribution model


Models PSA-SI319A PSA-SI319B PSA-SI319C
Executive Standard ISO13320-1:1999,GB/T19077.1-2008,Q/0100JWN001-2013
Principle Fraunhofer diffraction principle
Instrument Structure Split-Type
Testing Range 1μm-500μm 1μm-1000μm 1μm-2000μm
Number of Channels 50 pcs 51 pcs 58 pcs
Accuracy error <1% (Reference to CRM D50)
Repeatability error <1% (Reference to CRM D50)
Reproducibility between instruments <1% (Reference to CRM D50)
Data Acquisition Rate ≧2KHZ
LD Pump Laser;λ=532nm,  p>40mw,  life time>25000 hour
Laser safety Class 3B
Air purging system Equipped with airflow protection device, which can effectively protect the lens and avoid droplet pollution to lens in testing process.
Sampling  Mode Open Style
Optical alignment system Automatic
Working temperature 10-40°C
Environment humidity ≤75%
Operation platform Common model, Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits) need install Office 2003
Output parameters Particle volume distribution curve, D10-D100 any parameters
Testing Area Length 0.1-10m/adjustable
Lens Protection Double gas episodic
Outer Dimension Transmit port: L369*W295*H360mm  Receive port:L858*W295*H360mm
Electricity 220V, 50Hz
Weight 68Kg


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