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International Intelligent and Safe BOD Analyzer, BOD-806A

  1. With automatic storage function
  2. Any time to view the test data

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The BOD tester is designed based on the principle of differential pressure method, which simulates the bio-degradation process of organic matter in nature. In the sealed culture bottle, the oxygen in the air above the culture bottle continuously supplements the dissolved oxygen consumed by the decomposition of organic matter in the sample. The CO2 produced in the process of organic degradation was removed to change the air pressure in the culture flask. By monitoring the change of the air pressure in the culture flask, the BOD value of the sample was calculated.

Test six water samples at the same time for 1-30 days culture time.
During the test, the current BOD value is displayed on the screen.
View the current test data at any time.
Store BOD5 results for 20 groups.


Model BOD-806A
Measuring range 0-2000mg/L
Measurement error Meet the water quality BOD 5 precision test standard (Glucose-glutamic  acid standard solution BOD 5 = 180-230mg/l)
Measurement days 1 —-30 days
Measurement quantity  ≤ 6
Recording interval 24 minutes ~12 hours/time
Storage quantity 20groups BOD 5 result value
Culture bottle volume 580ml
Incubation temperature 20±1°C
Working power AC power 110–220V, 50/60Hz
Rated power 10W
Size 272*185*75mm
Net Weight 2.4Kg


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