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Karl Fischer Titrator, TITR-K5

  • Measurement Method: Karl Fischer Coulomb Method
  • Water Content Range: 0.0001%—100% or 0.001ppm—106ppm
  • Resolution: 0.1μg water
  • Stirring Speed: Adjustable control
  • With Self-check Function

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It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, good repeatability, and low test cost. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, scientific research, and education sectors, and can be used to measure trace moisture in various liquids, solids, and gases.

  1. 7-inch color touch LCD screen display, high-efficiency microprocessor, real-time display of instrument working status;
  2. The time and state trend curves are displayed on the screen of the instrument, which can more intuitively reflect the change of moisture;
  3. Using single-chip and computer composite control system, dual CPU design, intelligent analysis and determination of moisture;
  4. Dual power channels separate the electrolytic electrode from the measuring electrode, and the instrument can automatically suppress various interferences, greatly improving the precision of the test results;
  5. Built-in a variety of calculation formulas, the user can choose the appropriate test method, the instrument will automatically calculate the moisture value according to the selected formula;
  6. Comes with a delay titration function, which can be set to count down from 0 to 100 seconds, which is convenient for adding a Karl Fischer headspace sampler or purging and complementing instrument later, and is more cost-effective;
  7. Automatically calculate and print μg/ppm/percent content/formula/date and time,etc.
  8. Automatic data storage, can store experimental data, easy to check historical records.
  9. The blank current microprocessor automatically controls the compensation, and the reagent can quickly reach the equilibrium state;
  10. With self-test function, if there is a short circuit or open circuit fault in the electrode, the instrument will automatically prompt the user;
  11. 0-430mA large electrolytic current, high detection sensitivity and fast analysis speed;
  12. The surface is electrostatically sprayed, anti-corrosion and easy to clean;
  13. Perpetual calendar function, year, month, day, week, hour, minute, second, automatically stored after power failure.


Model TITR-K5
Measurement Method Karl Fischer Coulomb Method
Display Measurement Range 0.1μg water—9999.9999mg water
Water Content Range 0.0000001%-100% (the min. resolution of the printed result is 0.0001%)  or 0.001ppm—106ppm
Resolution 0.1μg water
Display LCD color 7-inch large screen display
Accuracy When the water content is 3-1000μg water, the error of the measured value is ≤±2μg;

When the water content is above 1000μg water, the error of the measured value is ≤±0.2% (excluding the error of sampling)

End Point Indication Screen display/sound warning/printout/end point light prompt
Blank Processing The blank current microprocessor automatically controls the compensation to ensure that the blank can be accurately deducted within the sample enrichment time of 10 minutes.
Stirring Speed Adjustable control
Drift Compensation Automatic microprocessor control
Data Input Touch screen operation
Sample No. User defined
Electrolysis Speed Peak value: 2.4 mg water/min
Electrolytic Current 0-430mA
Storage Can store historical data
Printing Built-in thermal high-efficiency printer, 56mm paper width
Print Content μg/ppm/percent content/formula/date and time
Display State Real-time drawing of colored titration curves
Self-check Function Automatic diagnosis of instrument faults
Calendar/Clock Analysis time, date display and printout (not lost when power off)
Power Consumption <100W
Electricity 220V±10%,50Hz±2.5Hz
Use Environment Temperature 5—40℃, humidity<85%
Optional Function Automatic liquid filling and draining function
Dimension 350*260*198mm
N.W./G.W. 10kg/13kg
Shipping Dimension 450*450*300mm

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