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Microplate Washer, MPW-H330

  • Washing Head:8 needles /12 needles
  • Washing Channel:Standard 2 channels
  • Residual Volume:≤1μL/well
  • Liquid Volume:10-3000μL

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MPW-H330 Microplate Washer is equipped with a liquid level sensor to avoid running out of wash solution or overflowing of waste liquid, and is suitable for flat-bottom, U-bottom, and V-bottom microplates.


  • 3-inch capacitive touch screen display, high touch sensitivity.
  • Whole plate washing or individual strip washing mode can be selected.
  • Supports dual point liquid suction, low residual volume.
  • With washing function at the bottom of the microplate.
  • With shaking and dipping function.
  • Can be paused during washing.
  • The washing solution pressure can be fine-tuned to suit various special washing  requirements.
  • Adjustable washing time and pipe washing to effectively avoid pipe blockage.
  • Suitable for flat bottom, U-bottom, V-bottom microplate.
  • Can store more than 100 user-defined washing programs.
  • Equipped with a liquid level sensor to avoid running out of washing liquid or overflowing of waste liquid.


Model MPW-H330
Washing Head 8 needles /12 needles
Washing Channel Standard 2 channels, can be selected according to requirements, up to 4 channels
Washing Mode Plate or strip
Washing Times 1-99 times adjustable
Washing Strips 1-12 strips adjustable
Dipping Time 0-24 hour adjustable
Shaking Time 0-24 hour adjustable
Residual Volume ≤1μL/well
Liquid Volume 10-3000μL, adjustable, step by 1μL
Sipping Time 0.1-9.9s
Washing Method With 2-point liquid suction, bottom washing, and fine adjustment of wash liquid pressure
External Dimension (L*W*H) 446*368*164mm
N.W./G.W. 9kg/14kg
Shipping Dimension (L*W*H) 600*490*530mm

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