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Mobile Multi-parameter Analyzer, BEP-M1000Y

  • Narrowband interference technology
  • High-precision filter system
  • Water quality electrochemical zone detection

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BEP-M1000Y is a machine with narrow-band interference technology and high-precision filtering system. It comes with a printer and automatically checks when it is turned on. It also has a large-capacity storage function.

  • Narrowband interference technology + high-precision filter system

The instrument uses narrow-band interference technology and high-precision filtering technology to filter a large amount of stray light to improve the purity of light entering the system, avoid the effects of instrument noise and drift, and improve instrument stability.

  • Bring your own printer

The instrument is equipped with a one-click printing system, which ensures correct measurement and printing, making it convenient for customers to keep measurement stubs for superior inspection.

  • Results read only

The instrument has a built-in standard curve corresponding to the project, eliminating the need for customers to calibrate themselves. The concentration can be read directly without conversion.

  • Power on self-test

The power-on self-test function of the instrument detects the operation of each system of the instrument in a multi-faceted manner to ensure the stability of the instrument operation.

  • Water quality electrochemical zone detection

The instrument adopts electrochemical water quality zone detection function, which can simultaneously measure dissolved oxygen, pH, water quality and other parameters, which is fast, intuitive and clear at a glance.

  • Dual power supply

It adopts a dual power supply system with internal and external power supplies, which can be portable or operated indoors. The two power supply modes can be switched between each other to ensure the safety of the instrument’s power supply and the stable operation of the instrument.

  • Large-capacity storage functions

The AMR9 ultra-large-capacity chip equipped with the instrument makes the instrument more responsive and can store more than 5,000 measurement data and 200 curve data at the same time. And equipped with USB data transmission system. Facilitate customers to transfer data.

  • Power outage protection

The instrument comes with a power-off protection function, which effectively solves the problem of data loss when the instrument is powered off and ensures the timeliness of data at all times.

Standard equipment: LAB-YY supporting detection reagents, pipettes, test tube cooling racks.


Host parameters

Indication Error ≤8%
Repeatability ≤±3%
Optical Stability ≤0.001A/10min
Light Source Life 100,000 hours
Measurement Time 10 minutes
Number of Curves 200 items can be set
Data Storage Can store more than 2000groups
Wavelength Range 380-800nm
Display 7.0-inch color touch screen/

5.6-inch Omron button integrated screen

Printer Built-in thermal printer
Colorimetric Method Colorimetric tube colorimetry
Data Communication USB interface
Ambient Temperature 5~35℃ (level 0.01); 15~30℃(level 0.001)
Ambient Humidity ≤75%
Rated Voltage AC 220V±10%/50Hz
Rated Power 300W

Instrument parameters

1.pH measurement range: (-1.99 ~ 19.99) pH
Resolution 0.1/0.01
Accuracy Electric meter: ±0.01 pH,

matching: ±0.02 pH

Input Current ≤1×10-12 A
Input Resistance ≥3×1012 Ω
Stability ±0.01 pH/3h
Temperature Compensation Range Manual/automatic (0~100.0)℃
mV Measurement Range (mV/ORP/EH): -2000mV ~ 0 ~ 2000mV
Resolution 1mV
Accuracy ±0.1% FSmV
2.     ※Conductivity measurement range:

(0.00~20.00) μS/cm (20.0~200.0) μS/cm

(200~2000)μS/cm (2.00~20.00)mS/cm

(20.0~200.0) mS/cm (200~2000) mS/cm (K=10)

Resistivity (0 ~ 100) MΩ·cm
TDS (0 ~ 100) g/L
Salinity (0 ~ 100) ppt
Resolution 0.01/0.1/1μS/cm


Accuracy Electric meter: ±0.5% FS,

matching: ±1.0% FS

Temperature Compensation Range (0 ~ 100)℃ (manual/automatic)
Electrode Constant 0.1/1/10cm-1
Reference Temperature 25℃, 20℃ and 18℃
3. Dissolved oxygen measurement range: (0 ~ 20.00) mg/L (ppm) (0 ~ 200.0)%
Resolution 0.1/0.01 mg/L(ppm)  1/0.1 %
Accuracy Electric meter: ±0.10 mg/L,

matching: ±0.40 mg/L

Response Time ≤10s
Stability (±0.07mg/L)/1h
Temperature Compensation Range (0 ~ 100)℃ (automatic/manual)
Salinity Compensation Range (0 ~ 45) ppt (automatic)
Air Pressure Compensation Range (0~200) kPa (automatic)
Electrode Type: Fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor
Temperature Measurement Range 0℃~ 100℃
Resolution 0.1℃
Accuracy 5~60℃ range: ±0.4℃, Other ranges: ±0.8℃



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