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Moisture Balance, BA-M500

  • Fast measurement, convenient operation and reliable data.
  • New measuring system
  • Powerful data processing functions

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The moisture analyzer can be widely used in all industries that need to quickly measure moisture. It can measure the moisture content of various samples such as solids, granules, powders, colloids and liquids to meet the requirements of laboratory and production processes in various industries. Rapid determination of content.


  1. The instrument has a beautiful appearance, the appearance has patented technology, and the structure is compact.
  2. It has the advantages of fast measurement, convenient operation and reliable data.
  3. The new measuring system,fast and professional.
  4. The operation interface displays three curves at the same time, including moisture M, weight W, temperature T.
  5. The display screen adopts a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, which is intuitive, clear and responsive.
  6. The instrument has its own data storage function, which can store the latest 50 sets of measurement data, which is convenient for viewing historical records.
  7. The instrument has the communication function, and the standard RS232 communication interface is convenient for printing the results in real time.
  8. The instrument has powerful data processing functions, and the standard USB interface can be connected to a computer for operation to realize software analysis of moisture data. The software interface includes measurement curve, sample name, sample weight, test temperature, test time, record query, experimental data record printing, recording and export functions.
  9. Display 12 parameters, including moisture %, solid content %, moisture curve, solid content curve, temperature curve; test duration, constant weight time, measurement mode, set temperature, measurement temperature, initial weight value, final weight value.
  10. The instrument has four test modes, including automatic, timing, manual, and stage measurement. Stage measurement realizes the test of various samples at different temperature stages, and achieves a number of technological breakthroughs in the industry; the diversification of test modes can deal with a variety of samples testing needs.
  11. Using a special ring heating light source, the sample is heated more evenly, the drying is more thorough, the penetration ability is stronger, and the measurement is faster.
  12. Imported load cells solve weighing problems such as temperature drift and time drift, and improve measurement accuracy.
  13. The temperature control system adopts imported high-sensitivity temperature control components to ensure the accuracy and controllability of the temperature during the test.
  14. Zero consumables in the use process, stainless steel sample plate, reusable, energy saving and environmental protection
  15. Simple, guided operation, no training required, laboratory or production line personnel can operate independently.
  16. Perfect after-sales service system, timely and quickly solve customer feedback problems.


Model BA-M500
Weighing range 0-220g
Weighing accuracy 0.005g(5mg)
Moisture readability 0.01%
Temperature range Start -225℃
Moisture measurement range 0.01~100%
Weighing sensor Imported PW series sensor
Heating light source Tungsten halogen ring heating light source
Heating mode Fast
Test mode Automatic, timed, manual, stage
Timing time range 1-360min (expandable)
Display parameters Moisture %, solid content %, moisture curve, solid content curve, temperature curve; test duration, constant weight time, measurement mode, set temperature, measurement temperature, initial weight value, final weight value
Display language English
Data storage Store the latest 50 sets of measurement data (expandable)
Display curve Simultaneously display three test curves (including moisture M, weight W, temperature T)
Sample pan dimension Diameter:100 (mm)
Display 7 inch capacitive touch display
Communication interface Standard RS232 communication interface and standard USB interface
Optional accessories Micro printer and computer software
Product dimensions (L*W*H) 390*220*170 mm
Package Dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 480*290*270 mm
Product net weight 3.65 kg
G.W.(kg) 6 kg

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