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Plant Nutrition Analyzer, BPNA-4

  • Testing objects: Nitrogen, chlorophyll, leaf temperature, and leaf humidity(‐4N)
  • Testing area: 2mm*2mm
  • Manual measurement pattern

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The plant nutrient analyzer simultaneously saves three parameters (chlorophyll, nitrogen content and leaf temperature) at the same time. Plant chlorophyll, nitrogen content and leaf temperature are important basis for plant fertilization and irrigation. NIR spectroscopy can be used to detect leaf chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature non-destructively.


  1. Save chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature data at the same time, which is convenient for drawing plant map nutrients, leaf temperature, etc., and accurately irrigating and fertilizing plants.
  2. Fastand non-destructive testing of plants, without affecting plant growth.
  3. Rapid determination: Test plant chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature at the same time.
  4. Manual measurement pattern.
  5. View the data stored in the past and display three parameters at the same time.
  6. The computer can transmit wired or wireless data for easy management and analysis.
  7. Withthe characteristics of convenient data storage, direct display of stored data, and low power consumption.


Model BPNA-4
Testing objects Nitrogen, chlorophyll, leaf temperature, and leaf humidity(‐4N)
Chlorophyll range 0.0‐99.9SPAD
Nitrogen range 0.0‐99.9mg/g
Leaf humidity 0.0‐99.9RH%
Leaf temperature -10‐99.9°C
Chlorophyll accuracy ±1SPAD
Nitrogen accuracy ±5%
Leaf humidity accuracy ± 0.5%
Leaf temperature accuracy ± 0.5°C
Testing area 2mm*2mm
Testing interval less than 3sec
Stored data capacity 999 groups
Electricity 4.2V 2000mah Recharge Li‐ion battery
Package size 280*260*130mm
Weight 0.7kg


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