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Plasma Thawers, PTM-1DY (Dry type)

  1. Water Storage Capacity:35kg±5%
  2. Circulation Capacity:30L/min
  3. Perfect and strict temperature control system
  4. Complete record of information and traceability of quality control data

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When the frozen plasma is thawed, because the plasma bag is in direct contact with water, the label on the surface of the plasma bag is easily detached or blurred, which seriously affects the identification and distribution of plasma. At the same time, the mouth of the blood collection tube is prone to contamination in contact with water. If the blood plasma bag is damaged during the thawing process, it is easy to cause water pollution. In response to this problem, our company has carefully developed a digital constant temperature thawing box based on the most advanced thawing methods in the world.
Advantages (The ones with are our company’s unique technical indicators)
Disinfection and sterilization system (optional)
The equipment is equipped with UV-C ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization system, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%.The system automatically schedules sterilization and disinfection every day, and can also be manually turned on for sterilization and disinfection at any time as needed, which greatly reduces and prevents adverse accidents caused by bacterial contamination of the blood bag during the thawing process.

Fast, safe and reliable heating system
The equipment adopts thick film instant heating system, with fast and stable heating speed; It takes 10-12 minutes to heat from normal temperature to 37 ℃, which is safe to use; Because the heating system adopts water and electricity separation, the heating device does not directly contact with water, so as to avoid equipment failure and personal injury caused by electric leakage of heating pipe.

Perfect and strict temperature control system
LCD display system; The line control is more accurate, intuitive and reliable, and the temperature is always controlled within the safe thawing range; From heating system to piping system, precise control can be achieved without complicated temperature simulation.

Complete record of information and traceability of quality control data
The device has a USB data export function to achieve data traceability and facilitate quality monitoring.
The device is equipped with a code scanning gun, which has a code scanning function to effectively identify the source of information. (optional)
The equipment has the function of upper drainage, the studio does not need floor drain and has a sewage outlet
The equipment has a separate sewage outlet, which is convenient to clean up the impurities caused by the rupture of the blood bag and the falling off of the label, so as to avoid the blockage of pipes and pumps.
Automatic cleaning function
The equipment has an automatic cleaning function, which can be operated with one key. After the cleaning is completed, the program is automatically heated, and it enters the standby state, which does not require personnel to be on duty, which is convenient to use.

The thawing compartment can be adjusted freely
The thawing compartment in which the plasma is placed can freely adjust the distance of the combined interval according to the volume of the plasma bag, which greatly facilitates clinical use.


NO. Parameter PTM-1DY
1 Thawing Method  Dry-type
2 Water Storage Capacity 35kg±5%
3 Circulation Capacity 30L/min
4 Temperature Control Range RT-60℃
5 Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.5℃
6 Heating Power 2200W
7 Suitable Pulp Volume 5 bags
8 Max. Pulp Volume 10 bags
9 Thawing Time 20-30 mins
10 External Dimensions 54cm*41cm*87cm(L*W*H)
11  Net/Gross Weight 48/64Kg


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