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Platelet Oscillating Incubator, POI-5II, POI-7, POI-20, POI-40, POI-80

  • Temp Control Range: 22.0℃±2.0℃
  • Oscillation Frequency: 60±5 cycles/ minute
  • Oscillation Amplitude: 50mm
  • Number of Bags: 5-10, 7-14, 20-40, 40-80, 80-160bags

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1. A variety of methods to monitor the complete recording of equipment temperature and information and the traceability of quality control data.
2. Print the temperature record in real time and monitor the temperature change of the equipment at any time. The device has USB data export function to realize data traceability and facilitate quality monitoring.
3. The device is equipped with a code-scanning gun that has code- scanning functions, effectively identifying the source of information. (Optional)
4. Machine running microprocessor control
5. Ultra -high temperature/ultra-low alarm
6. Abnormal shutdown power failure alarm
7. Motor fault automatic alarm
8. LED LCD, information reading window It has the function of ultraviolet sterilization to keep the environment in the cavity sterile. Imported compressor, quality assurance.
9. Refrigeration method: air-cooled R134A non-fluorocarbon refrigerant, Silent casters with locks for easy movement
10. Adopt independent control with dual temperature zone (POI-40/80 type)
11. The POI-40 type has two independent oscillators, the POI-80 type has four independent oscillators, users can independently control the specific oscillator by needs, and it is very convenient to use.

Technical Indicators
Temperature Control Method: Digital signal detection, micro-
processing technology
Temperature Control Range: 22.0℃±2.0℃
Alarm Temperature: <20℃, >24℃, abnormal shutdown power
failure alarm
Oscillation Amplitude: 50mm
Working Mode: continuous back and forth from left to right, horizontal oscillation
Oscillation Frequency: 60±5 cycles/ minute
Environmental Temperature: 5℃-35℃
Refrigeration Power: 300W for POI-5II, POI-7, POI-20 type, 500W for POI-40, POI-80 type
Heating power: 200W for POI-5II, POI-7, POI-20 type, 200W for POI-40 type, 400W for POI-80 type


Model Dimensions: (Width x Depth x


Storage Area and Layers: (Width x Depth


Number of Bags of

Platelet Stored

Package size(W*D*H)
POI-5II 540*595*990 ( mm) 430*360*460 (mm) 5 layers 5-10 bags 630*710*1210mm
POI-7 540*560*990(mm) 430*340*470(mm) 7 layers 7-14 bags
POI-20 720*600*1070 ( mm ) 600*410*540 (mm) 10 layers 30-60 bags
POI-40 800*750*1720 (mm) 680*450*1145 (mm) 20 layers 60-120 bags 830*890*1860mm
POI-80 1200*800*1750(mm) 1083*505*1090(mm)10 layers*4 200-260 bags


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