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Semi-automatic Polarimeter, POL-200

  1. Range: ±90°/±130°Z
  2. Measurement Parameters: Optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, international sugar
  3. Zero-point calibration adjusts
  4. Eliminates the measurement error
  5. 100 data sets

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Measurement Parameters
Optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, international sugar scale (°Z)

  1. Multi-parameter semi-automatic polarimeter, equipped with a 5.6-inch TFT touch screen;
  2. 4 measurement functions are optional, including optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration and international Brix;
  3. Long-life LED, avoiding the 200-hour usage limit of traditional light sources;
  4. Automatic zero reset, one key to restore the optical zero point of the instrument;
  5. Automatic temperature compensation, instantly convert the measured value to the specific rotation value;
  6. Selectable tube length or custom input;
  7. 1 to 3 point calibration to ensure the accuracy of measurement in the full range;
  8. Automatic information prompts to help users understand the currently executable operation steps;
  9. 100 sets of data storage, automatic marking of date/time, and sample name can be input;
  10. The reset function automatically restores the meter to factory default settings.

Ordering Information
POL-200: Polarimeter, glass sample tubes (100/200mm) and sealing rings


Model POL-200
Range ±90°/±130°Z
Resolution 0.005°
Accuracy ±0.02°/±0.05°Z
Calibration Points 1 to 3 points
Temperature Correction 0~50°C
Light Source LED and interference filter
Optical Wavelength 589nm
Sample Tube Length Up to 200mm
Data Storage 100 data sets
Communication Interface USB
Display 5.6 inches TFT touch screen
Power Requirements AC 220V/50Hz
Dimensions 550 (L)×300 (W)×220 (H)mm
Weight 7.5kg

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