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TOC / Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, TOC-M1500

  1. Conductivity (Off-line)
  2. Test items: TOC
  3. Detection Range: 0.001-1.5mg/l(ppm)
  4. Detection limit: 1 ppb
  5. Analysis time: 3 min
  6. Sample flow speed: 1 ml/min
  7. Continuous sample feed
  8. For microelectronics water,purified water, water for injection

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Total Organic Carbon Analyzer / TOC Analyzer

•Equipped with conductivity detector to quantify TOC concentration .
•Ideal choice to measure and monitor microelectronics water, purified water, water for injection, etc.
•Automatic sample introduction with one-button setting, no sample contamination, no harm on operator and environment.
•UV oxidation by UV lamp, no need to add acid, gas or catalytic, greatly reduces the experiment and maintenance cost.
•7 inches touch screen with smart Ul, easy to operate and read test data.
•Auto sampler is optional according to different experiment requirements.
•8GB large storage capacity, no restriction of data and time.
•Quick test, each analysis takes less than 3 minutes.
•All historical records can be traced by searching test date.
•Data can be retrieved and saved to USB directly.
•Equipped with Bluetooth printer for quick and easy data printing.
•Modular design for quick installation and easy maintenance.


Model TOC-M1500
Detection Range 0.001-1.5mg/l
Detection Limit 1ppb
Max Tolerance ±5%
Analysis Time 3 min
Response Time Within 10 min
Sample Temperature 1-95°C
Environment Temperature 10-40°C with temperature change ±5 ®C/d
Sample Flow Speed 1 ml/min
Relative Humidity 98.5%
Repeatability Tolerance ≤3%
Drifting ±5%
Power Supply AC 220V, 50/60HZ or AC 110V, 50/50Hz
Frequency 50/60HZ
Dimension 440*220*300mm
Rated Power 100W


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