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Ultra-pure Water Purifier, LWP-S3-10VF

  • Water Making Speed: 10L/H
  • Built-in pressure tank
  • Portable test pen
  • Effectively removes pyrogen

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Molecular biology, life sciences, genetic research, cell culture, amino acid analysis, protein purification, toxicology research, drug development, medical testing.

  • Built-in filter

With 10 micron 316L stainless steel precision filter screen to remove fine impurities instead of PP cotton filter; manual drain valve, automatic cleaning at any time, soft scraping design for more thorough drainage, transparent shell make filtration effect visual.

  • The long-acting KDF device adopts the original imported filter material

It removes residual chlorine, heavy metals, and inhibits the growth of fungi at the front of water purification. It has a long service life, better protects the post-purification system, and extends lifetime of ultra-purification column.

  • Built-in pressure tank

Built-in pressure tank which has inner pouch whose material is anti-bacteria and it is transparent, the inner pouch can be changed anytime.

  • Technology advantage

ABS engineering plastic case, powder coating technology, with water quality and quantity upgrading function, door is open at the side.

Type U Korean quick-insert filters, used imported filtering materials.

  • Display

Backlight LCD display,dual waterway online monitoring, which can simultaneously display RO conductivity value,UP resistance value and equipment operating status indication.

  • Operation

Menu-type operation, parameters can be set and modified, operating status display and indication light indicate to promptly reflect machine operating status such as  high-pressure shutdown, low-pressure alarm, water full shutdown, etc.

  • Alarming system

Alarming for water quality exceeding, automatic filters replacement reminding, water intake time can be set. Take water by touched key, Automatic indication light indicate RO and UP water intake.

  • Portable test pen

Equipped with a portable test pen, which can test TDS content, conductance and water temperature anytime, anywhere.

  • Effectively removes pyrogen

The pipeline adopts a quick-plug interface, the pipe joint passes NSF certification, dual-wavelength UV lamps, effectively sterilizes and reduces TOC, and the original imported 5000D ultra filtration module effectively removes pyrogen.

  • Optional

With RS-232C communication interface output, it can be connected with intelligent instruments with RS-232C interface to realize the transmission of measurement data or print records (optional)

The original imported 3 meters telescopic water taking gun make water collection convenient.  (optional).

Can be equipped with ultra-pure water internal circulation system which keep water quality at the highest level. (Optional)


Model LWP-S3-10VF
Inlet water source Urban tap water, water pressure: 0.15-0.4MPa, water temperature 5-40 degrees C
Water making speed 10L/H
Water flow speed 1.5-2L/min (with pressure barrel)
2 water outlets DI pure water and Ultra pure water
RO pure water quality Desalination rate as high as 95-99% , Conductivity ≤0.1μS/cm(TYPE 2)
Ultra pure water quality Resistivity 18.25MΩ.cm@25°C, TOC: <3 ppb, particles (>0.22 μm) <1/ml, microorganism <1 cfu/ml, pyrogen<0.001EU/ml, RNases≤0.01ng/ml, DNases≤3Pg/μl (TYPE 1)
Electricity 220V/50Hz; 50-60W
Dimensions L * W * H:47*45*55cm
Standard configuration Machine+Built-in 8L pressure tank+terminal filter+accessories package


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