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Vortex Mixer, VMX3-28

  • Range of rotation: 1000~2800rpm
  • Amplitude: 3mm
  • Brushless DC motor
  • maintenance-free

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Vortex Mixer

The vortex mixer uses eccentric rotation to make the liquid in the test tube and other containers generate vortex, so as to achieve the purpose of fully mixing the solution. The instrument is characterized by fast mixing speed, thorough mixing, and vortex-like liquid that can mix all the test liquids attached to the tube wall evenly. It is suitable for mixing the liquids in general test tubes, beakers, flasks, liquid separators, and funnels evenly. It is also very easy to mix some insoluble drugs such as erythromycin, dyeing liquid, etc., and the effect is remarkable. The mixed liquid does not need electric stirring and magnetic stirring, so the mixed liquid is not affected by external pollution and magnetic fields. Therefore, as a powerful auxiliary tool for laboratory analysis, it is widely used in environmental monitoring, medical and health, petrochemical, food, metallurgy, and other various colleges, laboratories, and laboratories of scientific research and production companies for mixing and extraction. It can also be used for shaking the culture of various samples such as biology, biochemistry, cells, and bacteria.


1. Touch operation or continous mode.

2. Variable speed control from 1000 to 2800rpm.

3. Used for various mixing application with optional adaptors.

4. Accept a variety of test tubes, including the tubes up to 50ml.

5. Brushless DC motor: precise shaking speed, long service life maintenance-free.


Project VMX3-28
Range of rotation 1000~2800rpm
Amplitude 3mm
Temp setting range 1sec ~99min59sec/∞
Time setting Timing display
Run mode Touch operation/Continuous
Motor type Shaded pole motor
Capacity Standard single-tube vortex head, sponge tray, four kinds of sponge modules
Operation mode Continuous, inching
Power supply 60W
Voltage AC110 or 220V 50/60Hz
Dimension(W*H*D) 197x135x156mm
Weight 3.4kg
Package Weight(W*H*D) 360*320*330mm
Gross Weight 4.5kg


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