Pharmaceutical laboratory equipment includes a wide range of specialized instruments and tools that are used for research, development, and quality control of pharmaceutical products. Some of the most commonly used pharmaceutical laboratory equipment include:

1 Freeze dryers: Used for removing water from pharmaceuticals and other materials by sublimation.
2 Spectrophotometers: Used for analyzing the properties of light and measuring the absorption of light by pharmaceuticals.
3 Glassware washer
4 Biological safety cabinets
5 Clean bench
6 Dispensing booth
7 Sterilizers and autoclaves: Used for sterilizing equipment and media to prevent contamination.
8 Clarity tester
9 Disintegration tester
10 Dissolution testers: Used for testing the rate at which tablets and capsules dissolve in water.
11 Gel strength tester
12 Tablet friabilty tester
13 Tablet hardness tester
14 Tablet thickness tester
15 Medicine stability testing chamber
16 Microscopes: Used for examining the structure of cells, tissues, and microorganisms.
17 Drying oven
18 2-8℃ refrigerator

Overall, pharmaceutical laboratory equipment is essential for ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products and for conducting research and development in the field of pharmacy.