A CO2 incubator is a gassed incubator that creates a natural atmosphere in order to develop cell and tissue cultures. The temperature, humidity, and CO2 content must match the cell culture requirements.
CO2 incubators are enclosures designed to precisely control the environment needed to grow biological or cell cultures. CO2 Incubator is widely used in modern medicine, biology, chemistry and agriculture science for the culture of biological cells, tissues and bacteria.



The sealing ring of the incubator adopts a new type of synthetic silicone sealing strip, which effectively prevents heat loss.
Automatically adjust the control parameters according to the ambient temperature and load to achieve the optimal heating method and reduce energy consumption.
Intelligent control

Temperature, gas circuit control, using microcomputer data analysis and intelligent PlD control, touch screen, its high precision, strong anti-interference ability.
The water jacket adopts three probes to control the box temperature, water temperature and door temperature respectively.
The air jacket type has two probes, which control the temperature of the box and the door respectively.
Internal circulation system

Top forced convection system.
Adopts high-quality fan and large impeller fan, has higher ventilation efficiency and better temperature uniformity.
Adopting PID control technology, the CO2 concentration can be freely set within range of 0 to 20%, alarm for over concentration and concentration rise too slow.
Dedicated sheet metal processing

The shelf can be disassembled and can be freely adjusted up and down.
The inner chamber is made of 304 high-quality mirrors stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance.

Humanized design

Double door design, the inner door is made of tempered glass for easy observation,magnetic sealing design for outer door, good sealing..
Natural evaporation for humidification to ensure the chamber can maintain good humidity .
Imported infrared sensor and gold-plated probes to ensure accuracy, the lifetime of sensor is up to 15 years.

With over-temperature control of visible& audible alarm system
When the door opens, the fan will automatically turn off (ICB-CO2-80 turns off the CO2 intake valve at the same time) and heating will be stopped to reduce the pollution caused by air.
Alarm function for lack of water, unaspirated, ensuring the safe operation of the equipment.
Equipped with sterile air filtration devices and UV light system to reduce pollution

pressure-reducing valve, shelf, HEPA filter