A particle size analyzer is an analytical instrument that measures, visualizes and reports a particle size distribution for a given particle or droplet population. Particle size analyzers play an important role during process development and quality control of particle systems in order to develop efficient processes and achieve high final product quality.

Traditionally, sampling and offline particle size analyzers (laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, sedimentation or sieve rest analysis) were used for product quality control. However, common sampling challenges, increasing pressure to expedite process development, and a higher demand for “right first time” processes required the development of in situ particle size analyzer. The ability to measure particles as they naturally exist in a process has dramatically improved the ability to understand, optimize and control particle and droplet systems.

PSA-LA2000 intelligent laser particle size analyzer is mainly used for performing tests, alignment,water supply,drainage,bubble removing, ultrasonic dispersion, cleaning etc.automatically, really realizing one-key operation. It is designed to adopt :full built-in sampling system,Original designed unconstrained free fitting software technology, ensures good accuracy with comprehensive Laser diffraction particle size measurement principle. This equipment especially suits the laboratories of enterprises, colleges and universities and research institutes to use.

Advantages of Infitek Particle Size Analyzer PSA-LA2000
Highly improved resolution
A patented technique of Fourier transform .
Time-saving dispersion
Built-in dispersion units
Homogeneous dispersion and sedimentation of big particles
Unconstrained fitting techniques:
real particle size distribution
Micro sample chamber (optional):
10ml capacity of the sample chamber
Automatic&User-friendly one-key operation
Intelligent SOP Operation
Two options including manual and automatic modes
Perform test, alignment, water supply, drainage, bubble removing, ultrasonic dispersion, cleaning etc. automatically
Quicker and preciser measurements
Fully Automatic Laser Alignment
The full process < 2 minutes.