1. What type of refrigerator is not allowed to be used to store chemicals in the laboratory?
A. Mechanical temperature-controlled refrigerator
B. Electronic temperature control refrigerator
C. Explosion-proof refrigerator

2. The following gases must be operated in a fume hood:
A. Hydrogen sulfide
B. Hydrogen fluoride
C. Hydrogen chloride
D. All of the above

3. When teachers and students work in biochemical laboratories, they must understand the positions of ( ) and other positions, and be able to do corresponding self-rescue work if any situation arises.
A. Location of doors and windows
B. Large location for flammable and explosive items
C. Location of eye flushers, emergency showers, and first aid kits

4.In order to facilitate entry and exit of equipment rooms managed by dedicated personnel, you can prepare your own keys.
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5.The chemical storage room must have anti-theft facilities and be ventilated. The storage of reagents should be:
A. Store according to different categories
B. A large number of hazardous chemicals are stored in the laboratory
C. Can be stored in the corridor

6.After the experiment, discarded samples or items should be cleaned, sorted or transported away.
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