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Agarose Horizontal Electrophoresis Tank, GEP-HH-SUB02

  • 4 kinds of gels with different sizes, and two kinds are optional.
  • Optional HT10LG electrophoresis monitor
  • 99.99% high purity platinum electrode

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This product is suitable for nucleic acid electrophoresis, separation and identification of DNA, and determination of its molecular weight.


  • Polycarbonate injection molding at one time, no leakage.
  • Can make 4 kinds of gels with different sizes, and two kinds of gel makers are optional.
  • Limit function, will not make the positive and negative electrodes installed backwards.
  • Optional HT10LG electrophoresis monitor can be used in the electrophoresis process.
  • Time monitoring electrophoresis band.
  • The electrode can be replaced for easy maintenance.
  • 99.99% high purity platinum electrode has the best conductivity and corrosion resistance.


Basic parameters:
Overall dimensions (l*w*d) 270*140*80mm
Gel area (w* l) 120mm*120mm, 120mm*60mm, 60mm*120mm, 60mm*60mm
Sample comb: 2+3 teeth /6+13 teeth /8+18 teeth /11+25 teeth (sample can be added by gun arrangement)
Total buffer capacity about 700 ml.



name specifications quantity
Main body groove (upper cover) one
Main tank (lower tank) one
Electrode Positive pole (red) one
Negative electrode (black) one
Glue maker big one
fission one
Large tray 120*120 one
Middle tray 120*60 one
60*120 one
Small tray 60*60 two
Sample comb 2/3 teeth one
6/13 teeth two
8/18 teeth two
1/25th tooth two
wireway one


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