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Agarose Horizontal Electrophoresis Tank, GEP-HH-SUB02

  • Can make 4 kinds of gels with different sizes
  • 2 kinds of gel makers are optional
  • Gel Area:120*120mm/120*60mm/60*120mm/60*60mm

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This product is suitable for nucleic acid electrophoresis, separation and identification of DNA, and determination of its molecular weight.


  • Polycarbonate injection molding at one time, no leakage.
  • Can make 4 kinds of gels with different sizes, and two kinds of gel makers are optional.
  • Limit function, will not make the positive and negative electrodes installed backwards.
  • Optional HT10LG electrophoresis monitor can be used in the electrophoresis process.
  • Time monitoring electrophoresis band.
  • The electrode can be replaced for easy maintenance.
  • 99.99% high purity platinum electrode has the best conductivity and corrosion resistance.


Model GEP-HH-SUB02
Gel Area(W*L) 120*120mm/120*60mm


Sampling Comb 2+3 teeth/6+13 teeth/8+18 teeth/11+25 teeth

(gun sampling)


Name Quantity
Upper cover of electrophoresis cell

(including wires)

Lower shell of electrophoresis cell

(including electrodes)

Gel-making box(big gel) 1pc.
Gel-making box(small gel) 1pc.
Large gel tray (120*120) 1pc.
Wide gel tray (120*60) 1pc.
Long gel tray (60*120) 1pc.
Small gel tray (60*60) 2pcs.
Sampling comb(2+3 teeth) 1pc.
Sampling comb(6+13 teeth) 1pcs.
Sampling comb(8+18 teeth) 1pcs.
Sampling comb(11+25 teeth) 4pcs.



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