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Sequencing Electrophoresis Tank, GEP-SH-CX01

  1. Electrophoresis main tank(main body): 1
  2. Concave glass plate: 2
  3. Flat glass plate: 2

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Purpose: This product is suitable for experiments such as SSR, SSCP, HA, DNAFOOTPRINTING, etc.


1.The pure flat aluminum plate treated by a special process is used to effectively dissipate heat evenly, ensuring that there is no “smile” phenomenon in the strip
2.Large sample volume: 96 PCR samples can be electrophoresed at one time, which improves work efficiency.
3.The high-quality red shark tooth comb is easy to observe and load the sample, and it is not easy to cross the sample.
4.The operation is simple, only 4 fastening knobs are needed to fix it.
5.Special buffer saving, high-quality anti-aging silicone sealing, no liquid leakage.
6. The buffer outlet of the upper tank and the movable lower tank are convenient for removing the buffer.
7. The upper and lower tank covers are designed to open the cover and cut off the power to ensure the safety of the experiment.
8. 99.99% high purity platinum electrode has the best conductivity, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.


Basic parameters
External dimensions (L×W×D) 415*160*380
Gel area(W×L) 310mm*330mm
Sampling comb  68, 100 teeth(The gun for adding samples can be used.)
Glass area 350mm*350mm
Total buffer capacity about 750ml


Name Specification Quantity
Electrophoresis main tank(main body) 1
Concave glass plate 2
Flat glass plate 2
Shark tooth comb 100 teeth 2
68 teeth 2
Filler strip 4
Wire 1
Water pipe 1


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