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Anti-freezing emergency shower & eye wash, EEWS-326

  1. Pipe diameter: 48 mm
  2. Inlet height: 105 mm
  3. Outlet height: 100 mm
  4. Automatic emptying type
  5. Optional anti-scalding valve

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  1. The inlet part and outlet part are customizable;shut off valve and filter are proposed to be equipped on the water-supply end
  2. This eye wash is an automatic emptying
  3. Method of operation:
    ① The person stands on the foot pedal of the eye wash, pushes away the hand push board, and pulls the lever downward 90°, the eye wash automatically gives water.
    ② After use, hand push board, dust cover and pull rod are reset.
    ③ When the person leaves the foot pedal, the outlet valve closes automatically, at the same time it can directly empty the accumulated water in the entire eyewash system pipeline to prevent freezing and ensure the normal use of the eyewash in freezing weather.No need to do the second emptying valve action, convenient and fast.
  4. Optional anti-scalding valve: The anti-scalding function of the eyewash can be customized. This anti-scalding valve is the main accessory, and a small part of the structure of the eyewash needs to be changed.
Optional anti-scalding valve 01

Working principle of anti-scalding valve

A thermal element is installed at the mixing outlet of the constant temperature water mixing valve, which uses the characteristics of the temperature sensing element to promote the movement of the valve core in the valve body and block or open the water inlets of cold and hot water. Turn on the hot water while blocking the cold water. When the temperature adjustment knob sets a certain temperature, no matter how the inlet temperature and pressure of cold and hot water change, the proportion of cold and hot water entering the outlet also changes, so that the outlet temperature remains constant. The temperature adjustment knob can be set arbitrarily within the specified temperature range of the product, and the water mixing valve will automatically maintain the outlet temperature.

Note: After setting the temperature, turn it on when the temperature is low and turn off when the temperature is high to avoid burns.


Material  SS304
Surface finishing  Fine-polished,high gloss epoxy powder coating
Features  The“Union” allows easier pipe connection and disconnection
Usage  Shower+Eyewash+Automatic emptying
Appropriate area  Low cold areas in the North
Switch ball valve  SS304 ball valve
Shower head  Spinning-formed with curled rim, diameter 250 mm
Pipe diameter  48mm
Eyewash bowl features  300 mm in diameter, vertical bowl-wall design, allows better water collecting and anti-splashing
Dust cover  Integrated with the spray head ( not connected by chain )
Spray head feature  Patented design, each spray head equips with one water-flow control valve
Inlet thread  Rp1-¼”
Outlet thread  G1″
Inlet height  105mm
Outlet height  105mm
Distance between spray head  170mm


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