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Emergency shower & eye wash room, EEWS-213

  1. Double door type visible glass window
  2. Equipped with waste-water collection sin
  3. Equipped with universal wheel

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1. There is a waste-water collection sink in the eye wash room.
2. The eye wash pipeline is provided with a seepage hole to empty the residual water in the eye wash, which is conducive to the cleaning and anti-freezing of the pipeline (part of the water is discharged into the downpipe through the hole during the eye wash without affecting the effect of use).
3. The installation position of the inlet and outlet holes of the shower room has reserved the gap, which is used for the winding installation of the electric tracing tropics, to realize the heat preservation of the pipelines, which can be used in the cold region.
4. The top of the product is equipped with a lifting ring for easy lifting.

5. Can be alone in the wall designated corners. The product comes with universal wheel, which can be moved freely according to the needs of the site, convenient to use.
6. Notes : the size and specification of eye wash room can be customized according to the requirements of the site; the inlet part and outlet part are customizable; shutoff valve and filter are proposed to be equipped on the water-supply end E


Main material  SS304
Usage  Drenching body and rinsing faces / eyes can be operated separately or simultaneously
Inspection window  Double door type visible glass window
Eye wash room size  L × W × H = 110cmx110cmx295cm
Switch ball valve  SS304
Eye wash bowl features  300 mm in diameter, vertical bowl-wall design, allows better water collecting and anti-splashing
Inlet thread  Rp1″ , female
Outlet thread  G1-¼”, male
Dust cover  Integrated with the spray head
Spray head feature  Patented design, each spray head equips with one water-flow control valve
Applicable places  Widely used in dust-free workshops, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fire protection, power and port and other places


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