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Eye/Face wash and shower combination station, EEWS-302

  1. Pipe diameter: 38 mm
  2. Inlet height: 1201 mm
  3. Outlet height : 86 mm
  4. Optional anti-scalding valve

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  1. Emergency shower & Eye Wash can be designed and sampled, also offers customers different colors as customers’ request.
  2. Emergency forest eye washer adopts advanced American technology, conforms to American standard ANSI Z358.1-2014, and the products are produced according to GB/T 38144.2-2019 standard., which sets standard for length, height, flow volume and spray area, etc.,for emergency equipment.
  3. Eye wash in ergonomically designed with two spray heads, height and angle of the heads offer face most comfort.
  4. The specially designed spray holes soften water spray and protect eyes effectively.
  5. Optional anti-scalding valve: The anti-scalding function of the eyewash can be customized. This anti-scalding valve is the main accessory, and a small part of the structure of the eyewash needs to be changed.
Optional anti-scalding valve 01

Working principle of anti-scalding valve

A thermal element is installed at the mixing outlet of the constant temperature water mixing valve, which uses the characteristics of the temperature sensing element to promote the movement of the valve core in the valve body and block or open the water inlets of cold and hot water. Turn on the hot water while blocking the cold water. When the temperature adjustment knob sets a certain temperature, no matter how the inlet temperature and pressure of cold and hot water change, the proportion of cold and hot water entering the outlet also changes, so that the outlet temperature remains constant. The temperature adjustment knob can be set arbitrarily within the specified temperature range of the product, and the water mixing valve will automatically maintain the outlet temperature.

Note: After setting the temperature, turn it on when the temperature is low and turn off when the temperature is high to avoid burns.


As first aid security equipment, emergency shower and eye wash units are widely used at working area and laboratories in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, electronics, semi-conductor industries, where danger tends to occur unexpectedly. In the event of an accident of chemical or poison spill or fire, this equipment delivers water to rinse contaminants from a user’s body, face,and eyes. So as to minimize damage and harm to injured worker.


Model  EEWS-302
Material  Stainless Steel 304
Surface finishing  Fine-polished, which makes the pipe surface performs better on corrosion resistance
Assembling feature  Pipes connected by innovative inserting & turning
Usage  Drenching body and rinsing faces / eyes can be operated separately or simultaneously
Shower & eye wash switch  SS304 ball valve
Shower head  Spinning-formed with curled rim, diameter 250 mm
Pipe diameter  38 mm
Nominal pressure  1.0 Mpa
working pressure  0.2~0.4 Mpa
Testing pressure  1.5 Mpa
Temperature requirement on working environment  0°C~40°C
Flow rate of body shower  ≥76 L/min
Flow rate of eye/face wash  ≥11.4 L/min
Flow rate of eye wash  ≥1.5 L/min
Eyewash bowl features  300 mm in diameter, vertical bowl-wall design, allows better water collecting and anti-splashing
Dust cover  integrated with the spray head ( not connected by chain ),and easily removed by water flow.
Spray head feature  patented design, each spray head equips with one water-flow control valve
Inlet thread  Rp 1”,female
Outlet thread  Rp 1”,female
Inlet height ( from above the floor )  1201 mm
Outlet height ( from above the floor )  86 mm
Distance between spray heads  170 mm
water pattern coverage  At the height of 1524 mm above floor, the water pattern covers a circular area of at least 510 mm in diameter

Notes : the inlet parts and outlet parts are customizable; shutoff valve and filter are proposed to be equipped on the water-supply end stainless steel – made foot treadle is optional as eye wash switch


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