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Autoclave, Class N, Benchtop Type, STB-N Series

  1. Chamber volume: 16L, 18L, 23L
  2. Maximum working temperature: 136℃
  3. Working pressure: -0.9 bar – 2.3 bar
  4. Fast sterilization in 15-30 minutes

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  1. Based on Europe Class N standard, installed with wrapped and unwrapped system, both of them have the choice on 121 and 134℃.
  2. This steam sterilizer is equipped with the microprocessor for intelligent control and man-machine interface for convenient operation, suitable for the dept of Stomatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery and Lab.
  3. With safety system: safety value, manual door lock, error self-test and overheat protector.
  4. The chamber is made by special stainless steel #304. Working pressure: -0.9 bar – 2.3 bar; maximum working temperature: 136℃.
  5. The bracket is installed with 3 sterilizing plate.
  6. Quick sterilizing process in 15-30 minutes (depend on the temperature).


STB-N series are suitable for the dept of Stomatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery and Laboratory.


Model STB-N23 STB-N18 STB-N16
Power 2000W 1800W 1800W
Voltage AC220V/110V±10% AC220V/110V±10% AC220V/110V±10%
Display accuracy ±0.5℃
Recording accuracy ±0.5℃
Sensor accuracy 0.01℃
Frequency 50/60Hz±1Hz 50/60Hz±1Hz 50/60Hz±1Hz
Tank Capacity 23Litres 18Litres 16Litres
Appearance Size (mm) 445×640×395 445×550×395 445×550×395
Inside Dimension (mm) Φ249×450 Φ249×355 Φ249×360
Package Dimension (mm) 740×550×500 670×550×500 670×550×500
G·W 39 kg 33 kg 32 kg


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