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Class B Autoclave, STB-BB Series

  1. Table top Class B Autoclave
  2. Chamber volume: 8L, 12L, 18L, 23L
  3. Sterilization temperature: 134℃
  4. Design pressure: 0.25 Mpa
  5. Open-type top water tank
  6. 3 pulsating vacuum, Multiple test function
  7. Built-in steam generator

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Class B Autoclave is a high level steam sterilizer that uses a vacuum pump to remove air/steam mixtures from the chamber prior to sterilization cycle beginning. It enables the sterilization of both wrapped and unwrapped instruments, no matter their type and complexity, The Class B tabletop autoclave has been the most advanced “plug-n-play” model on the market today. STB-BB Series Class B Autoclave is able to efficiently and effectively sterilizer any load type used in the dental, medical, podiatry, chiropodist, tattoo and veterinary markets.

  • Quality stainless steel inner tank, sealed cover
  • Microcomputer control
  • Safety interlocking device
  • With BD test, HELIX test, VACUUM test.
  • LCD display and touch buttons.
  • With standard test interface
  • Open-type top water tank
  • European CLASS B standard.
  • With automatic protection function: over temperature protection, over pressure protection, low water
  • Eevel protection, anti dry burning, and safety door lock.
  • Three times pre-vacuum
  • Buzzer reminder after sterilization, automatic stop.
  • Automatic discharge of cold air, automatic steam exhaust after sterilization.
  • Built-in steam generator to provide saturated steam quickly
Class B Autoclave, STB-B8B STB-B12B img Class B Autoclave, STB-B18B STB-B23B img


STB-BB Series Class B Autoclave
Volume 8L 12L 18L 23L
Power 1.5kw 1.8kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Voltage 110V/220V,60HZ/50HZ
Design pressure 0.25Mpa
Design temperature 139℃
Rated working pressure 0.22 Mpa
Temp accuracy ±1℃
Rated working temperature 134℃
Chamber volume Ø170×320 Ø200×355 Ø250×370 Ø250×452
Outer dimension 445×580×400 445×580×400 480×640×450 480×690×450


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