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Class B Autoclave, STB-APV35DV, STB-APV50DV

  1. Volume: 35L, 50L
  2. Temperature Range: 105~134℃
  3. Working Temperature: 138℃
  4. Timing Range: 0~99min

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It is safe, reliable and automatically controlled, suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, scientific research and other units. It can provide rapid sterilization for surgical, dental, ophthalmic instruments, glassware, medicines, culture media, fabric dressings, foods and other items that can withstand saturated steam.

  • European Class B standard, with three-times pulse pre-vacuum and post-vacuum drying functions, the residual humidity of the instrument is less than 0.2%.
  • LCD display working status, touch buttons.
  • The vacuum degree can reach -0.8bar, which is suitable for the disinfection and sterilization of all kinds of packaged, unpackaged, solid, class A hollow, porous and internal pipelines; Ensure efficient removal of air inside hollow instruments (such as high-speed dental drill handpieces), so that high-temperature steam can fully reach every corner.
  • Full computer control, modular and simple operation interface.
  • Equipped with BOWIE&DICK test for the detection of steam penetration.
  • Equipped with vacuum test to ensure vacuum performance at any time.
  • Fast and independent steam generator.
  • Built-in micro printer to record sterilization data in detail.
  • Equipped with safety valve, manual safety door lock, pressure locking system, fault self-checking, and automatic protection against over-temperature and over-pressure.
  • It can inactivate HIV, HBV, mad cow virus and Bacillus.
  • The program cannot be started without closing the sealed door; Once the program starts and runs, the sealed door is locked and cannot be opened, ensuring safe operation.


Volume 35L




Design Pressure 0.3MPa
Design Temperature 150℃
Max.Working Pressure 0.25MPa
Max.Working Temperature 138℃
Temperature Range 105~134℃
Timing Range 0~99min
Temperature Uniformity ≤±1℃
Electricity AC220V/50Hz, 2.7kW
External Dimension 550*850*500mm 600*850*560mm
N.W./G.W. 97kg/103kg 110kg/125kg
Package Dimension 690*860*700mm 690*900*700mm

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