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Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer, KJA-9840

  1. Measuring range: 0.1mg~240mg N
  2. Recovery: ≧99.5%
  3. Sample capacity: solid≦6g/sample, liquid≦16mL/sample
  4. Distillation speed: 3-6min/sample

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  1. Display: 4.3 inch color screen.
  2. Manual/Automatic mode changeover free.
  3. Automatic Alkali pipeline washing function.
  4. Automatic or manual filling mode is optional according to test need.
  5. Distillation time can be edited freely, and automatic alarming upon completion.
  6. Automatic cleaning of control system and distiller, ensuring high measurement accuracy.
  7. Intelligent design of nitrogen tube peripheral facilities including safety designs and displacement hint.
  8. Intelligent cooling water control system achieves cooling water control and test.
  9. Emergency stop operation is able to deal with unexpected accidents.
  10. Automatic fault detection and intelligent audible and visual alarm system are available.
  11. Calibration Function: Dilution water calibration, Alkali solution calibration, Boric acid solution calibration and washing flow calibration.
  12. Safety door, digestion tube and cooling water conditionare displayed at real time when running.
  13. Testing model is built in, todetect most functions condition.


  1. Automatic accurate distribute alkali and boric acid solution.
  2. Perfect safety protection system gives distiller and tubes measurement and protection against over temperature and over pressure.
  3. Calibration Function: Dilution water calibration, Alkali solution calibration, Boric acid solution calibration and Washing flow calibration.
  4. Safety door, Digestion tube and cooling water condition aredisplayed at real time when running.


Measuring range 0.1 ~ 240mg N
Recovery ≧99.5%
Sample capacity solid≦6g/sample, liquid≦16mL/sample
Distillation speed 3-6min/sample
Cooling water consumption 1.5L/min
Operating mode Manual/automatic mode
Display modes 4.3″ LCD screen
Power supply 220VAC±10%, 50Hz
Power 1.3KW
Net weight 30Kg


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