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Fully Automatic Kjeldahl analyzer, KJA-9870A/KJA-9870B

  1. Analytical range: 0.1—240mg N
  2. Recovery rate: 99-101%
  3. Titrant concentration range: 0.01—5 mol/L

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  1. The control system adopts a 10 inch color touch screen to uniformly control the nitrogen analyzer host and refrigeration system, without the need for multiple switch settings, which is convenient, simple, and safe.
  2. The standard coolingsystem can save a lot of water resources for users, and is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and has stable analysis data.
  3. Three-level authority management, electronic records, electronic labels, and operation traceability inquiry system
  4. The system automatically shuts down after 60 minutes of no operation, which is energy-saving, safe and secure.
  5. The instrument has a built-in protein coefficient query table for users to read, query and participate in system calculations. When the coefficient=1, the analysis result is “nitrogen content”. When the coefficient>1, the analysis result is automatically converted to “protein content” and displayed, stored and printed.
  6. The titration system uses R, G, and B coaxial light sources and sensors, with a wide color adaptability range and high accuracy.
  7. The R, G, and B three-color light intensity automatic adjustment system is suitable for the analysis of samples with different concentrations.
  8. The titration speed can be set arbitrarily from 0.05ml/second to 1.0ml/second, and the minimum titration volume can reach 0.2μL/step.
  9. The German ILS 25mL injection needle and 0.6mm lead linear motor form a high-precision titration system.
  10. The internal standard of titrant concentration eliminates the systematic error caused by the difference between human and instrument judgment, and is highly precise, convenient and fast.
  11. Visible titration cup design makes it convenient for users to observe the titration process and clean it.
  12. The simultaneous distillation and titration mode can save analysis time and reduce ineffective distillation power consumption.
  13. Distillation time can be freely set from 10 seconds to 9990 seconds.
  14. The steam flow rate can be adjusted from 1% to 100% to suit samples of different concentrations.
  15. The automatic discharge of waste liquid from the digestion tube reduces the labor intensity of operators.
  16. Shut down and automatically clean the alkali pipeline to prevent pipeline blockage and ensure liquid supply accuracy.
  17. Data storage can reach 1 million items for users to check.
  18. 7CM automatic paper cutting thermal printer.
  19. The unique “sample weighing data automatic upload data package” eliminates the need to record and enter the weight of samples one by one, reducing input errors and improving work efficiency.
  20. The ammonia separator is made of “polyphenylene sulfide” (PPS) plastic, which can be used under high temperature and alkaline working conditions.
  21. The steam system is made of 304 stainless steel, safe and reliable.
  22. The cooling system is made of 304 stainless steel, which has fast cooling speed and stable analysis data.
  23. The leakage protection system ensures operator safety.
  24. The safety door and safety door alarm system ensure personal safety.
  25. The digestion tube absence protection system prevents reagents and steam from injuring people.
  26. Steam system water shortage alarm prompts and shuts down to prevent accidents.
  27. The steam boiler has over-temperature alarm and shutdown to prevent accidents.
  28. Steam over-pressure alarm and shutdown to prevent accidents.
  29. Sample over-temperature alarm and shutdown prevent sample temperature from rising and affecting analysis data.
  30. Low level alarm in reagent barrel and titration bottle.
  31. Cooling water flow monitoring prevents insufficient water flow from causing sample loss and affecting analysis results.


Model KJA-9870A KJA-9870B
Analytical Range 0.1-240 mg N
Accuracy (RSD) ≤0.5%
Recovery Rate 99-101%
Min. Titration Volume 0.2μL/step
Titration Speed 0.05-1.0ml/s can be set at will
Distillation Time 10s-9990s free setting
Sample Analysis Time 4-8min/ (cooling water temp. 18℃)
Titrant Concentration Range 0.01-5mol/L
Titrant Concentration Input Method Manual input/instrument internal standard
Titration Mode Standard/Steaming while dripping
Titration Cup Volume 300ml
Touch Screen 10-inch color LCD touch screen
System / Windows 10 development operating system and

27-inch computer

Communication Interface RS232 / Cooling water / Reagent barrel liquid level RS232/Ethernet/Computer/Electronic balance/Cooling water/Reagent barrel liquid level
Data Storage Capacity 1 million groups
Printer 5.7CM thermal automatic paper
Digestion Tube Waste Discharge Mode 1% -100%
Steam Flow Regulation 1% -100%
Safe Alkali Adding Mode 0-99s
Automatic Shutdown Time 60minutes
Electricity AC220V/50Hz
Heating Power 2000W
External Dimension 500*460*710mm


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