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Bench Water Circulating Vacuum Pump / Water Aspirator, VACP-WC3Y

  • Flow: 60L/MIN
  • Lift: 8M
  • Tap: 2
  • Tapping capacity: 10L/MIN
  • Volume: 15L





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  •  The water saving effect is obvious. Due to the water circulation operation, the water added to the water tank can be circulated use
  •  Multifunctional comprehensive effect. In addition to providing vacuum conditions, this machine can also simultaneously external circulation operation to provide circulating cooling water for the reaction device
  • Small size, light weight, easy to move, can be placed on the workbench, easy to operate and observe, the upper cover of the water tank is a live installation, which can be opened for easy water filling and maintenance.
  • The machine is equipped with two air extraction nozzles, which can be operated independently or at the same time. Each suction nozzle a vacuum gauge is installed for each, which can easily observe the vacuum degree
  • A check valve is installed on the suction line to prevent the circulating water from flowing back into the vacuumed equipment when the vacuuming operation is stopped unexpectedly.
  • Corrosion resistance and zero pollution. The water pump parts of this machine are made of stainless steel, which is not corroded by acid and alkali. At the same time, it does not produce any oil, impurities, etc. that pollute the laboratory.
  • The machine works stably and reliably with low noise.
  • Application:It is widely used in evaporation, distillation, crystallization, filtration, decompression, sublimation and other operations. It is an ideal equipment for laboratories in colleges and universities, medicine and chemical industry, food processing and other fields.
Coil actuator

All copper coil actuator

  • 180W all copper coil actuator, equipped with protective cover, safe and reliable, stable and durable
Double tap

Double tap design

  • Double tap design independent type double table, at the same time for 2 container vacuum



Tapping capacity 10L/MIN Tap 2
Volume 15L Power 180W
Flow 60L/MIN Power supply 220V
Lift 8M Size 430*340*500
Material Anti-corrosive Gross/Net 10KG/9KG


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