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Biological Microscope, MSC-B103T(Siedentopf)

  1. Seidentopf  Trinocular Viewing Head at 30°IncIined
  2. Eyepiece: Wide Field eyepiece WF10X18mm
  3. Objective: Achromatic Objective 4X,10X,40X,100X
  4. Display or camera can be equipped

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This instrument complies with the ergonomic principle, with superior optical performance, long operation time and low observation fatigue. It is suitable for medical institutions at all levels to do research demonstration, routine laboratory examinations, biology, bacteriology, clinical trials and teaching.


Model MSC-B103T(Siedentopf)
Optics Finite Distance Optical System
Observation Tube Tilting trinocular, interpupillary 55-75mm
Viewing Head Siedentopf head, inclined at 30°
Optical Coating Transmittance ≥ 95%
Eyepieces Wide field eyepiece WF10×18mm
Objective Achromatic objective 4X, 10X, *20X,40X, 100X
*Plan achromatic objective: 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X
Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece / *Quintuple nosepiece
Stage Double layers mechanical stage 120×115mm / 70×30mm
Condenser Abbe NA1.25 with iris diaphragm & filter
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, fine division 0.002mm, coarse stroke 37.7mm per rotation, fine stroke 0.2mm per rotation, moving range 22mm
Illumination 3W LED illumination, brightness adjustable
*6V 20W Halogen lamp, brightness adjustable
Electricity 100-240V AC,50/60Hz
Package Dimension (W*D*H) (mm) 370*260*470
Gross Weight (Kg) 5.4
*Optional MSC-B103T: Microscope camera (standard imaging software) / Win 10 Pad / Digital display


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