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Biological Safety Cabinets, BSC-IIA2 Series

  • Classification: Class II Type A2
  • Cleanliness Level: Class 100
  • Air Flow Mode: 30% efflux, 70% internal circulation
  • Collection Efficiency:0.3μm particle ≥99.995%
  • Colony Count:≤0.5/vessel (petri dish is φ 90mm)

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The aim of Biological Safety Cabinet is to protect the operator, the laboratory’s environment and the experimental material, And it protects the operators from contacting with infectious aerosols or its spills when they are working with raw cultures,bacterial strains or other infectious experimental materials. And it is an essential equipment in the laboratories of microbiology, Biological medicine, gene recombination,animal experiment and biological, especially in the occasions where the operator needs to take protective measures.

  • Full-color 7.0-inch touch screen, so the cabinet has a more intuitive observation: front window working status, the lifespan and cumulative work timing function of high efficiency filter and germicidal lamp.
  • Equipped with high-precision thermosensitive wind speed sensor for more accurate wind speed control.
  • The series of our cabinets are equipped with key power lock, which is convenient for operator to manage the equipment.
  • There is a place to put the file on the front of the cabinet which is helpful for the user to read and record data during operation.
  • Equipped with the function of reservation timing sterilization , rich functions but simple operation.
  • Three-level permission management function, so the user can set multiple different passwords into different internal parameter permissions.
  • The series of our cabinets are equipped with a foot switches a standard configuration, which helps the user to raise and lower the front window glass easily and quickly during hand operation.
  • Built-in power socket and switch, and it can be controlled in the main interlace of the instrument.
  • The three-position interlock function can be set, for example, the UV lamp is automatically extinguished when the front window is opened, which provides further protection for the operation safety and practicality.
  • The inner liner of the cabinet is made of high-quality stain-less steel, and the small and flexible handle is used at the tray, which is convenient and beautiful.


Model BSC-IIA2-600 BSC-IIA2-950 BSC-IIA2-1350 BSC-IIA2-1550 BSC-IIA2-1850
Classification Class II Type A2
Air Flow Mode 30% efflux, 70% internal circulation
Function Cleanliness Level Class 100
Collection Efficiency 0.3μm particle ≥99.995%
Colony Count ≤0.5/vessel (petri dish is φ 90mm)
Sound Emission ≤67dB
Vibration Semi-peak Value ≤5μm
Downflow Velocity 0.33+0.025m/s
Inflow Velocity 0.53+0.025m/s
Illumination Average illuminance≥650lx, the measured value of each illuminance≥ 430lx.
Total Air Exhaust of System 230m³/h 363m³/h 500m³/h 591m³/h 705m³/h
Work Surface SUS304 Stainless steel plate
Composition Outer Shell Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Operation Door Tempered glass
HEPA Filter(mm) 570*380*69/
570*460*69,one of each
980*495*69,one of each
1380*470*69,one of each
1580*495*69,one of each
1880*495*69,one of each
LED Lamp Power 8W*2 8W*2 16W*2 16W*2 16W*2
UV Light Power 15W*1 15W*1 40W*1 40W*1 40W*1
Fan 125W*1 734W*1 734W*1 860W*1 860W*1
Rated Power 281W 890W 931W 1057W 1057W
Working Height of

Front Window(mm)

200 200 200 200 200
Max. Height of

Front Window(mm)

280 440 440 440 440
Display Full color 7.0-inch touch screen
Controller Additional Function Reservation timing sterilization function, three-level authority management function, high efficiency filter, sterilization lamp service life display, built-in socket controller to control switch function, front window status display function, three position interlock function,cumulative work timing function.
Specification Max. Power of Universal Socket Single socket: 800W
Operating Area Dimension (W*L*H)(mm) 600*490*503 950*600*652 1350*600*652 1550*600*652 1850*600*652
External Dimension


700*665*1919 1100*770*2235 1500*770*2235 1700*770*2235 2000*770*2235
Package Dimension


830*795*1362 1230*900*1680 1630*900*1680 1830*900*1680 2130*900*1680
N.W./G.W.(kg) 160/200 294/354 320/400 368/428 401/461

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