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Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets, BSC-IIA2-2J

  • Classification: Class II Type A2
  • Filters: ULPA(U15)*2pcs
  • Working zone area: 600*500*520 mm
  • Unique negative pressure leak-proof design
  • Equipped with height limit alarm device
  • Front window and germicidal lamp interlocking design

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Biological safety cabinet is necessary equipment in the laboratory in the search of microbiology, biomedical, DNA recombinant, animal experiment and biological products, especially in the occasion that operator need to adopt protective measure, such us medical and health, pharmacy, medical research.


High-Quality&Ergonomic Construction

  • The outer box is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate with electrostatic spraying;
  • The three sides of the operation area are made of stainless steel integrated structure;
  • Internal washable parts are treated with 10mm large rounded corners, which is easy to clean;
  • 10° inclined design, making the operator more comfortable;


  • Class II biological safety cabinet.
  • Airflow system: 30% air exhaust,70% air recirculation.
  • Two high-efficiency filters are standard;

High security

  • Equipped with height limit alarm device.
  • Unique negative pressure leak-proof design;
  • The LCD blue screen digital indicates the value of each parameter, and the password is used to modify the program setting to prevent misoperation.

Convenient and practical front window design

  • With integrated sliding door that can be positioned anywhere and can be fully closed for sterilization
  • Adopts safety tempered glass not less than 6mm thick.
  • Front window and germicidal lamp interlocking design: when the front window is opened, the germicidal lamp goes out.


Model BSC-IIA2-2J
Classification Class II Type A2
Cleanliness level ISO level 4
External Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm) 740*650*1850
Working Zone Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm) 600*500*520
Maximum Opening(mm) 400
Work Surface Height(mm) About 700
Base Height(mm) About 600
Filtration efficiency ≥99.9995%,@0.12μm
Filters ULPA(U15)*2pcs
Downflow air velocity(m/s) 0.33±0.025
Inflow air velocity(m/s) 0.53±0.025
Sound emission ≤67dBA
Vibration semi-peak value ≤5μm
Biological safety personnel protection Sampling number of all impact samplers CFU ≤ 10, sampling number of slit samplers CFU≤5
Product protection Sampling number of all Petri dishes CFU≤5
Cross contamination protection Sampling number of all Petri dishes CFU≤2
Illumination ≥900Lux
LED lamp 8W*2pcs
UV lamp 15W*1pc
Applicable number of people 1
Wind direction Top out
Supply and exhaust pipe diameter(mm) Φ250
Standard Accessories UV lamp*1pc
LED lamp*2pcs
Waterproof socket*1pc
Optional Accessories Water valve,Air valve,Armrest,RS232 interface,Waterproof socket
Electricity AC220V,50/60Hz ;1kW
Shipping Weight(kg) 120
Shipping Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm) 850*760*2000


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