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Fireproof and Gas-Purifying Chemical Safety Cabinet, SSC-F910Y, F910B

  1. Flammable poison storage cabinet
  2. Electronic lock system with LCD screen
  3. Temperature and humidity alarm device
  4. Fireproof material

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*The turbine motor draws the air from the outside of cabinet.
*The air brings the hazardous vapour into the filtration system
*Choose a proper high efficient filter according to the chemicals
*The hazardous air goes though molecular filter become fresh air
*Touch screen control system:Temperature,humidity and density ect all data shows on one screen
*Fan and filter system automatically works
*when it detects a certain density pollution.
*Electric power:is compliance with GB10409 2001,5.5
*Double locks should be controlled two people
*Fireproof material is between in two walls.
*Electronic lock system with LCD screen, which is compliance with GAVT73 standard.
*Electronic lock is compliance with GB 10409 20015.4
*ALL connecting screws and handle are 304 material
*The internal liner of flammable poison storage cabinet(up,down,ef,right liner) are all made of porcelain white PP(Polypropylene) board,there is adjustable intake vent in the right side of cabinet,which has stainless adjustable valve. A landfill cavity can hold more than 120mm thickness sand on the right bottom of the cabinet(liquid leakage sump),use to bury metallic sodium.phosphorus(white phosphorus) and other flammable items,apron and cabinet body should be connect as one part ,there are 4 pieces Φ50mm rolling steel wheels set on the bottom of cabinet,easy to move the cabinet ,there are 2 pieces adjustment lever on the front wheels ,for fix the position of flammable pensions storage cabinet.
*There are 3 pieces 3 layers stain style PP removable shelves,which are made of imported anti-corrosive white PP material,there is 10mm vent in the shelf.
*Hinge: the hinge should be piano hinge,which ensure open the door 180 degree. There are expansive seals between the body and door of the cabinet,seals conform to the requirement of GB 16807-2009(There should be installed the environmental thermal expansive seal between the cabinet door and cabinet. The seal partially expanded when the temperature is 150-180° .seals all expanded when the temperature reached 750° ,expansion ratio is 1:5,ensure the safety of storage medicine)
*Temperature and humidity alarm device:It should be installed a temperature and humidity control,to monitor the relative temperature and humidity in the cabinet,digital display settings and measured values,it will alarm immediately once the temperature and humid-ity exceed the setting measures values Silent turbine fan draws chemical vapors from bottles into filter system with high absorption capacity, No static,no spark and super silence motor. Various tape filters to realize 99.99% high efficiently filtering.


Model Specification Configure Optional parts
External Dimension(mm):
1960*900*510mmDoor: Double door
Lock: Electric lock, Double lock
Shelf: 3 pp stair shelf
Noise: 40 dBARated Voltage: 220V/5OHz
Electric Powder: 40w
Rated current: 2A
Filters(pcs): 4
Fans(pcs): 1
Shelf: 3 pp stair shelf
Display screen: YES
Power cord(pcs): 1
Control system(unit): 1
Alarm system: YES”
Filter saturation alarm.


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