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CO2 Incubator, ICB-CO2-Y Series

The Infitek ICB-CO2-Y Series CO2 incubators are configurable to meet the needs of medicine, biology, chemistry, and agriculture.

  1. Capacity: 40L,80L, 155L, 190L, 240L
  2. Temperature Range:RT.+5~55℃
  3. Humidity Range:>90%
  4. CO2 Range:>20%

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CO2 Incubator is widely used in modern medicine, biology, chemistry and agriculture science for the culture of biological cells, tissues and bacterial.

Faster CO2 concentration restoration speed
If the door needs to be opened frequently during the experiment, infrared sensors are the best choice.
The imported infrared (IR) sensor has the characteristics of fast monitoring of carbon dioxide gas and is not affected by fluctuations in external temperature and humidity.

Internal circulation system
Adopts high-quality fan, higher ventilation efficiency and better temperature uniformity.
The circulation fan speed can be automatically controlled.

High cleanliness level
The door temperature controller can effectively prevent condensation on the glass door of the incubator and prevent the possibility of microbial contamination caused by condensation water from the glass door.
The CO2 air inlet is equipped with a high-efficiency microbial filter. For particles with a diameter of 0.3μm or greater, the filtration efficiency is as high as 99.99%, effectively filtering bacteria and dust particles in CO2 gas.
HEPA high-efficiency filter can effectively filter out bacteria and dust particles in the outside air, keeping the incubator in a sterile state.

Humanized design of CO2 Incubator
Two-layer stacking makes full use of laboratory space.
Large-screen LCD display, microcomputer PID control and can simultaneously display temperature, CO2 concentration, relative humidity and operation, fault prompts, etc.;
The menu-based operation is simple and easy to understand and facilitate observation and use.
With temperature limit alarm system and visible& audible alarm system.
Low temperature, high temperature and over-temperature alarms, CO2 too high or too low concentration alarms.
Safety facilities such as alarms if the door is opened for too long and UV sterilization working status reminders.


CO2 Incubator
Model ICB-CO2-40Y ICB-CO2-80Y ICB-CO2-150Y ICB-CO2-190Y ICB-CO2-240Y
Capacity(L) 40 80 155 190 240
Circulation Mode Forced convection


Internal (mm) 400*286*350 400*450*500 480*530*610 520*530*690 600*630*670
External (mm) 590*440*576 590*687*790 670*767*880 708*710*1030 788*837*940
Temperature Range (℃) RT.+5~55
Fluctuation (℃) ±0.1
Resolution (℃) ±0.1
Uniformity (℃) ±0.3°C (37℃)
Recovery (Door open 30s, recovery to 37℃ ≤ 8min
Humidity Range >90%
Method Natural vaporization
CO2 Range 0~20%
Resolution +0.1%
Sensor IR sensor
Recovery (Door open 30s, recovery to 5%)≤3min
Heating Method Air-jacketed, PID Control
Display LCD
Material Internal 304 Stainless steel
External Cold rolled steel
Shelves(Standard / Max ) 2/4 2/4 3/6 3/6 3/6
Test Hole (mm) φ25
Safety Device Temperature limit alarm, visible& audible alarm,

Low temperature, high temperature and over-temperature alarms,

CO2 too high or too low concentration alarms,

Alarm for long door opening time,

UV sterilization working status reminder

Sterilization Method 90℃ high-temperature moist heat sterilization+UV Sterilization
Electricity Voltage/


AC 220/110V, 50/60Hz
Consumption (W) 350 500 750 750 950
N.W./G.W. (kg) 50/70 64/90 85/112 90/134 95/148
Shipping Dimension

(W*D*H) (mm)

650*710*740 750*710*960 840*790*1070 830*840*1300 960*900*1160
Optional 1. RS485/232 interface and communication software

2. Special CO2 pressure reducing valve

3. Humidity display system


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