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COD Constant Temperature Heater, BP-C Series

  1. Sample Holes: 12 & 20
  2. Designed temperature: RT-200℃
  3. Temperature control table: Liquid crystal display/±1℃
  4. Heating module material: Aluminium alloy
  5. Timing range: 0—99 hours

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  1. This instrument can make the COD analysis work convenient and fast, and it is economical and reliable, energy-saving and can improve the working environment.
  2. Its aluminum alloy heating module is made of zinc aluminum alloy, so it has the feature of uniform temperature distribution, fast heating and long service life.
  3. The small temperature difference between the holes ,the good consistency in samples, and the high thermal efficiency are all beneficial to the digestion of the sample.
  4. Heating more than one group of samples at once is highly efficient, energy-saving, and can greatly improve the working environment.
  5. Using liquid crystal display temperature controller, with the function of timing shutdown and alarm; PID intelligent control technology with high precision of temperature control and small temperature range, hence is easy to learn.


Model name BP-12C BP-20C
Number of sample holes 12 20
Heating module material Aluminium alloy
Designed temperature RT-200
Temperature control table Liquid crystal display/±1
Timing range 0—99 hours
Working voltage AC220V/50Hz
Heating power 1.6KW 2.6KW
Package Dimension (W*D*H) 900*360*510mm
G.W. 27kg

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