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COD Digester, CODR-16A

  • Digestion Quantity: 16
  • Digestion Capacity: 0-10mL
  • Custom Mode: 3
  • 6 Pre-stored Digestion Program
  • Rise to the set temperature of 165°C within 10 minutes

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The intelligent multi-parameter COD Digester can be used for COD, total nitrogen, total phosphorus. It adopts a large-screen high-resolution LCD display, which has the functions of wide-range parameters, high intelligence, automatic start timing, energy saving and power saving.

  • Color LCD display: large-screen high-resolution LCD display;
  • Wide range of parameters: digestion temperature and timing time can be freely adjusted in a wide range, with better versatility;
  • High intelligence: 5 digestion programs and a set of custom digestion programs are stored in the instrument;
  • Auto start timing:After the water sample is put in, it enters the waiting state, and the timer starts automatically after the temperature rises to the digestion temperature;
  • Energy-saving and power-saving: high thermal insulation performance, automatically stop heating when the preset time is reached;
  • Visible experiment: high light-transmitting protective cover, which is safe and can make the whole experiment visible.
  • Multiple functions: real-time clock display, fast switching of digestion modes, timing function, program upgrade, alarm prompt for completion of temperature rise, over-temperature alarm prompt, instrument overheat protection and other functions.


Model CODR-16A
Heating Speed Rise to the set temperature of 165°C within 10 minutes
Digestion Quantity 16
Digestion Capacity 0-10mL
Custom Mode 3
Digestion Protection Plate Prevent burns due to misuse
Digestion Shield High light transmission integrated safety protection
Electricity AC 220V/50Hz
Rated Power 900W
Pre-stored Digestion Program Six programs including COD, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, hexavalent chromium, and custom digestion programs
Display 128*64 LCD screen
Digestion Temperature 45~300°C (users can set by themselves)
Temperature Indication Error ≤±2%
Timing Range 1 min—96 hours
External Dimension(L*W*H) 340*240*214mm
N.W./G.W. 6/8.5kg
Shipping Dimension(L*W*H) 540*390*345mm


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