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Colorimeter, SP-CLR420C, 421C, 422C

  • Autocalibration
  • Display Accuracy:0.01
  • Portableand massive color card database
  • Different apertures: Two Apertures / Small Aperture / Big Aperture
  • Test Aperture/Illuminated Area:Φ8mm/Φ11mm;Φ4mm/Φ6mm;Φ8mm/Φ11mm,Φ4mm/Φ6mm

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Spectral(Big Aperture/Small Aperture)

Colorimeter SP-CLR420C 421C 422C

Spectral(Two Apertures)

Colorimeter SP-CLR420C 421C 422C


It develops new color measurement method of colorimeter with build-in camera to see test area, UV light source for fluorescence color measurement; It can be connected to mobile APP and has unlimited storage memory;With built-in color card, you can find similar colors anytime, anywhere.


  • With Auto calibration
  • Different apertures: Two Apertures / Small Aperture / Big Aperture
  • Supports both SCI and SCE test which is more consistent with result of visual method.
  • Many different kinds of test parameters:Opacity, whiteness index, yellowness index and other 30 kinds of test parameters
  • Provide 26 kinds of illuminants for choice
  • Good repeatability for stable measurement (Delta E*ab 0.06)
  • Portableand massive color card database
  • Connect to mobile phone APP to create database to upload the color shades from printing, paint, textile color cards.
  • No need to carry big and heavy color card, we can find color card database from Colormeter Pro APP and find the closed/similar color easier and faster.
  • Cloud database, more convenient to view and upload
  • Official color card databases are available.Personal users can update color information to cloud and share between different instruments which make color management much easier.
  • Enterpriseusers can create and manage their own color library and formula information in the cloud and share the information to their customers and suppliers through the unique invitation code.
  • Better performance than traditional colorimeter
  • UV for fluorescence material test
  • Camera to see the test area to avoid test error
  • Paint color matching software: user can use mobile phone App to achieve color correction function.


Model SP-CLR420C SP-CLR421C SP-CLR422C
Type Spectral(Big Aperture) Spectral(Small Aperture) Spectral(Two Apertures)
Color Blue
Geometry D/8(diffused illumination,8 degree viewing)

SCI (specular component included),SCE (specular component excluded)

Repeatability Chromaticity Value:

Standard deviation ΔE*ab≤ 0.03

Average : dE*ab≤ 0.04

Max.: dE*ab≤ 0.06

(When a white tile is measured 30 times at 5 seconds interval)

Inter-instrument Agreement ΔE*ab≤0.4
Display Accuracy 0.01
Test Aperture/

Illuminated Area

Φ8mm/Φ11mm Φ4mm/Φ6mm Φ8mm/Φ11mm,


Color Space and Indices Reflectance, CIE-Lab, CIE-LCh, Hunter Lab, CIE-Luv, XYZ, Yxy, RGB, Color Difference (ΔE*ab, ΔE*cmc, ΔE*94, ΔE*00), Whiteness Index (ASTM E313-00, ASTM E313-73, CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter, Taube Berger Stensby), Yellowness Index(ASTM D1925, ASTM E313-00, ASTM E313-73), Blackness Index(My,dM), Staining Fastness, Color Fastness, Tint(ASTM E313-00), Color Density CMYK(A,T,E,M), Metamerism Index Milm, Munsell, Opacity, Color Strength
Illuminants A,B,C,D50,D55,D65,D75,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12,CWF,U30,U35,DLF,NBF,TL83,TL84
Color Matching Software Support color matching on APP( if user buy the color matching software)
Light Source LED+UV
Camera Yes
Calibration Auto
Software Android, IOS, Windows
Accuracy Guarantee Pass National Metrology Level I
Observer 2°,10°
Sphere Size 40mm
Spectroscopic Method Integrated optics
Sensor CMOS Sensor
Wavelength Interval 10nm
Wavelength Range 400-700nm
Reflectance Range 0-200%
Reflectance Resolution 0.01%
Measurement Time About 1 second
Interface USB, bluetooth
Screen IPS full color screen ,2.4 inches
Battery Rechargeable, 8,000 times continuous tests, 3.7V/3000mAh
Light Source Lifetime 10 years, 1 million tests
Language  English
Storage APP Mass Storage
Dimensions (L*W*H) 180*60*51mm
Weight 280g


1.Main difference of SP-CLR420C/SP-CLR421C/SP-CLR422C is the aperture size and quantity

2.Illuminated area is same as instrument aperture)


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