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Deionized Water Purifier, LWP-F5-M Series

  • Capacity: 10 – 30L/H
  • Resistivity(25°C):10-16MΩ.cm
  • Salt rejection 95-99% (with new RO membrane)
  • Conductance:<0.1us/cm
  • TDS (RO Water): <10ppm
  • 2 water outlets: RO water, deionized water

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1. Applicable to various water quality, the case is with powder coating.
2. The filter element adopts open mold injection technology and inside the machine
3. Korean quick-insert filter column is easy to replace and maintain.
4. The electrical appliance and waterways are completely separated to avoid circuit
failure caused by moisture and water leakage.
5. Online water quality monitoring system, immediately measure the output water quality.
6. Automatic RO membrane anti-scaling flushing program, automatic stop when tap water break, automatic water breaking when machine stop, storage tank automatically fill water, automatic stopping when water is full.
7. NSF certified pipeline has function of upgrading water quality and quantity.
8. Equipped with a portable TDS pen, you can test TDS content, conductance, water temperature anytime, anywhere.
9. Double electric water intakes, two kinds water quality, ready to use. Pressure online monitoring.
10. Open door at front and back, this make filters replacement easy&convenient, the replacement can be easily completed without using any tools. Double water intakes: pure water and deionized water


Preposition of ultra pure water system, supply water for biochemical analyzer, electroplating painting, battery charging, chips washing, microbial culture media, chemical & biochemical regent preparation, buffer making, photographic film processing, stability test chamber, meteorological test equipment, hydrogen generator, salt spray test chamber. It can completely replace the traditional single/double/triple distilled water machine.

Filter process:

Deionized Water Purifier, LWP-F2 Series process

  • First stage: PP cotton (PPF filter with a pore size of 5 microns), Preliminary filtration of raw water to remove coarser particles, colloids, suspended solids, etc. in the water.
  • Second stage: Granular activated carbon, high-efficiency adsorption of odor, color, organic matter, and heavy metals in water.
  • Third stage: Compressed activated carbon, further remove residual chlorine, organic compounds, color, odor, turbidity, etc.
  • The fourth stage: RO reverse osmosis membrane, 0.0001 micron pore size, effectively removes organic impurities such as viruses and heavy metals in water.
  • The fifth stage: Deionization purification column, remove most of the heavy metals and trace elements in the water, and the water quality meets the national laboratory water first-grade water standard.


Model LWP-F5-M10 LWP-F5-M20 LWP-F5-M30
Feed water request Tap water, inlet water pressure: 0.15-0.5MPa, water temperature 5-40°C
Capacity 10L/H 20L/H 30L/H
Flow rate 1.5-2L/min ( with pressure barrel)
Output water quality RO Pure water: desalination rate as high as 95-99%,TDS<10ppm
Deionized water: resistivity 10-16MΩ.cm@25°C, conductivity: ≦0.1 μs/cm, ammonia: 0.3μg/ml, nitrate: 0.06 μg/ml Deionized water: resistivity 10-16MΩ.cm@25°C, conductivity: ≦0.1 μs/cm, ammonia: 0.3μg/ml, nitrate: 0.06 μg/ml
Power supply 220V/50Hz; 48W
Dimension(mm) W*D*H: 41*27*50
Package Dimension (mm) W*D*H: 640*560*690
Standard configuration Machine (including 1 set of consumable filters) +External 12L pressure tank + accessory package Machine (including 1 set of consumable filters) +External 12L pressure tank + accessory package Machine (including 1 set of consumable filters) +External 12L pressure tank + accessory package


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