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Deionized water purifier, LWP-F5 Series

  • Output: 45 – 150L/H
  • Resistivity(25°C):10-16MΩ.cm
  • Salt rejection 95-99% (with new RO membrane)
  • Conductance:<0.1us/cm
  • TDS (RO Water): <10ppm
  • 2 water outlets: RO water, deionized water

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1. Double LCD screens, fully automatic microcomputer control system
2. Water quality online monitoring system
3. Automatic RO membrane anti-scaling flushing program and timed flushing procedures to extend RO membrane lifetime.
4. Real-time display working status like power, water, pump, flush, water shortage and water full to understand the machine running status
5. Floor-standing design, with activated and fixed stand bar at the bottom, easy to install and move
6. RO water, deionized water, two water outlets
7. Present TDS test pen


General chemistry, biological histology, microbial analysis, sample diluent preparation, fluid preparation, water quality analysis, photographic film processing, microbe culture media, spectral meter measurement etc.

Used match with instruments such as fully automatic biochemical analyzer, immunoassay analyzer, xenon lamp UV light resistant machine, UV aging machine, constant temperature&humidity chamber, salt spray chamber, insolation aging chamber, bottle washing machine, high pressure sterilizer etc.

Filter Process:

Deionized water purifier LWP F5 Series Process

1. First stage: PP cotton (PPF filter with a pore size of 5 microns), Preliminary filtration of raw water to remove coarser particles, colloids, suspended solids, etc. in the water.
2. Second stage: Granular activated carbon, high-efficiency adsorption of odor, color, organic matter, and heavy metals in water.
3. Third stage: Compressed activated carbon, further remove residual chlorine, organic compounds, color, odor, turbidity, etc.
4. The fourth stage: RO reverse osmosis membrane, 0.0001 micron pore size, effectively removes organic impurities such as viruses and heavy metals in water.
5. The fifth stage: Deionization purification tank, remove most of the heavy metals and trace elements in the water, and the water quality meets the national laboratory water first-grade water standard.


Model LWP-F5-45 LWP-F5-60 LWP-F5-90 LWP-F5-120 LWP-F5-150
Feed water urban tap water: TDS<200ppm, 5-45°C, 1.0-3.5Kg/cm2
Output water quality Deionized water quality completely conform to the national lab type I water standard stated by GB6682-2008
Output 45L/H 60L/H 90L/H 120L/H 150L/H
Inorganic ion rejection >96%
Soluble organic matter rejection >99% (molecular weight >100)
Particulate matter rejection rate >99%
Microbial retention rate >99%
Water outlet 2 outlets: RO water and deionized water
RO water quality TDS <10 ppm * Total salt rejection above 95%
Deionized water quality Conductivity <0.1us/cm ,Resistivity: 10-16MΩ-cm@25°C
Machine size L* W * H: 59*43*101 cm
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 72-240W
Standard configuration Machine ( with 1 set consumable filter inside) + Built-in 11 gallon pressure tank + accessory package Machine ( with 1 set consumable filter inside) + External 11 gallon pressure tank+ accessory package Machine ( with 1 set consumable filter inside) + External 60L pressure tank + accessory package


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