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Dry Bath / Block Heater, DBI-100VI

  1. Real-time display on LCD display
  2. Overheat protection device
  3. Built-in temperature calibration function

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The DBI-100VI Dry Bath Incubator is a semi-conductor controlled heating & cooling instrument with automatic temperature control design. The flexible timer, constant temperature function and multi-point operation mode make it a unique and an ideal lab instrument.

1. Instantly displays operation information on the LCD screen.
2. Has combined temperature control system and block system. Each block has a built-in temperature sensor and heating/cooling unit, ensuring that temperature control is more accurate and the heating speed is much faster.
3. Interchangeable, auto-recognized blocks.
4. Adjustable heating lid. Temperature of heating lid can be controlled.
5. Multi-point(max. 5 points) and Multi-cycle( Max.99 times) operation modes are provided.
6. Auto restart in case of power failure.
7. Over-heating protection device is included.
8. Built-in temperature calibration function.


Model DBI-100VI
Block ES series ESC series
Temp setting range 0℃~100℃ -10℃~100℃
Temp control range RT+5℃~100℃ RT-25℃~100℃
Time range 1sec ~ 99 min 59sec /1min ~ 99h59min/∞
Temp. accuracy ≤±0.3℃@37℃
Display accuracy 0.1℃
Temp. uniformity ≤±0.3℃@37℃
Heating time ≤12min(from 25℃ to 100℃)
Cooling time 1 ≤12min(from 100℃ to 25℃)
Cooling time 2 ≤25min(from RT to RT-25℃)
Heating lid temp setting range OFF~+10℃
Heating lid temp accuracy ≤±0.5℃
Heating lid heating time ≤10min(from 25℃ to 100℃)
Storage at 4℃ Yes
Multi-points running Yes(Max 5 points)
Multi-cycle Yes(Max 99 times)
Auto running Yes
Auto heating Yes
Auto resume to run Yes
Capacity See optional block
Power consumption 150W
Electricity 110 or 220V AC/50-60HZ
Fuse 250V  3A  Ф5×20
External dimension(mm)(W*D*H) 200x300x210
Net weight(kg) 4.0 4.7

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