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Shaking Dry Bath / Block Heater, DBI-TCS10

  1. Temp control range:RT.-20℃~100℃
  2. Speed range:200~1500rpm
  3. Heating time:≤15min(from 25℃ to 100℃)
  4. Cooling time1:≤10min(from 100℃ to 25℃)
  5. Cooling time2:≤20min(from RT. to RT.-20℃)

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DBI-TCS10 thermo shaker is a temperature controlled shaker, which is useful for a variety of molecular biology applications, including maintaining 14°C for ligation reactions, maintaining 17°C for storing oocytes, storing samples at ice bucket temperatures, storing enzymes or DNA libraries at your work station, transporting samples from the field at e*actly the right temperature, heating samples in the field, enzyme reactions and deactivations and PCR sample preparation.

Structural features
LCD display, easy to setup and use. Speed, time and temperature settings are continuously visible on the LCD, simultaneously showing both actual and selected values.
Reliable design with inner e*tra temperature protection.
Each device is equipped with lifter that is easy to replace different blocks.
Precision wells for uniform thermal transfer.
Assorted blocks for a wide variety of tube sizes.
Brushless DC Motor: noiseless long service life maintenance-free.

Functional features
Digital accuracy and convenience.
Accurately control and display time, temperature and speed.
Integral over-temperature control ensures long time, safety and sample integrity.


Model DBI-TCS10
Temp setting range 0℃~100℃
Temp control range RT.-20℃~100℃
Time range 1min ~ 99h59min/∞
Temp accuracy ≤±0.3℃*
Display accuracy 0.1℃
Temp uniformity ≤±0.3℃*
Speed range 200~1500rpm
Orbit 3mm
Heating time ≤15min(from 25℃ to 100℃)*
Cooling time1 ≤10min(from 100℃ to 25℃)*
Cooling time2 ≤20min(from RT. to RT.-20℃)*
Multi point running Yes(Ma*. 5points)
Multi cycle Yes(Ma*. 99times)
Auto heating Yes
Auto running Yes
Auto resume to run Yes
Storage at 4℃ Yes
Power 150W
Electricity AC110V~220V/50-60Hz
Fuse 250V 3A  Ф5*20
Dimension 260*195*150(mm)
Weight 7.0kg

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