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Electrolyte Analyzer, EA-3-30, EA-5-30

  • Sample type : plasma, serum, whole blood, urine.
  • Rapid test speed:≤30seconds/test
  • EA-3-30:K,Na,Cl; EA-5-30:K,Na,Cl,Ca,pH

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The electrolyte analyzer has self-test functions with hints to solve problem; 21,000 record storage; Automatic one-point and two-point calibration, plus manual calibration.


  • Self-made maintenance free electrodes
  • Electrodes observing window
  • Sleep mode to save reagent
  • Rapid test speed:≤30seconds/test
  • Min-volume sample consumption: 65μL
  • Reagent pack to avoid pollution
  • On-line instructions provided for self problem-solving
  • 21000 records storage
  • Automatic one point and two points calibration with additional manual calibration


  • Sample type : plasma, serum, whole blood, urine.
  • Self-test functions with hints to solve problem
  • Wide LCD display(240*128)
  • Dot matrix or thermal printer on demand
  • Numeric keypad for convenient operations
  • Randomly choose any combination of K,Na,Cl,Ca,pH
  • High efficient cleaning procedures best for fatty samples
  • Automatic calibration on alarms
  • High middle and low QC values provided to adjust linearity
  • RS232 port available
  • Slope and intercept adjustable to ensure accuracy and linearity
  • Electrode maintenance alerts
  • Closed container for both calibrates and waste, which prevents the bio-organic pollution


Test range and accuracy
Channel Range Resolution CV%
pH 6.00~9.00 0.01 =1.0
K+ 0.50~10.00mmol/L 0.01 <1.0
Na+ 20.0~200.0 mmol/L 0.1 <1.0
Cl 20.0~200.0 mmol/L 0.1 <1.0
Ca++ 0.3~5.0mmol/L 0.01 <1.5
Li+ 0.1~30 mmol/L 0.01 <1.5


Ambient Temperature 5°C~40℃
Relative Humidity 85%
Sun Radiation Avoid direct sunshine
Electricity 100-240v~50/60Hz
Packing dimension 520 * 450* 470 mm
Net weight 8.25Kg
Gross weight 10.5Kg

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