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Electrolyte Analyzer, EA-5-25

  1. Measuring technology: Ion Selective Electrode(ISE)
  2. Item:K、Na、Cl、 iCa、nCa、TCa、pH 、TCO2 、AG
  3. Analysis speed: ≤25 seconds
  4. Sample consumption:60-300μL(Item 3 to item 11)
  5. Storage:Up to 10000 test results
  6. Optional Auto sampler :  39 positions (Including 5 emergency and 2 QC)

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Electrolyte analyzers are indispensable in clinical testing. In clinical practice, it mainly tests and maintains the balance of osmotic pressure in human blood and body fluids; in surgery, burns, diarrhea, acute myocardial infarction and other patients who need a large amount of balanced fluid replacement, the test and detection of ions are very important. EA Series Electrolyte Analyzers are highly precise and accurate, providing accurate, reliable, fast, and easy-to-use results for any sample. Therefore, ion detection is an essential general equipment for hospitals at all levels.


Economical and practical:

  • A product with a high usage rate and a wide range of users.
  • Switch on and off at any time, saving reagents, reagent test cost ≤ $0.2
  • The cost of consumables is low, and the hospital can quickly recover the cost within a few months;

Easy to operate:

  • The instrument only has YES and NO keys, concise menu display, simple and clear operation;
  • Optional automatic sampling, calibration is simple and practical.

Accurate measurement:

  • Adopt advanced ion measuring technology to ensure accurate measurement;
  • Imported electrode raw materials, long service life.
  • German CO2 sensor with a service life of up to 10 years;
  • Adopt automatic potential tracking correction technology to ensure measurement stability;

Advanced technology:

  • Automatic detection and filtering of fine air bubbles, waste liquid overflow alarm function
  • One analysis can do up to 9 items and 11 parameters (specific version);
  • The United States imports raw materials and key accessories, and the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level
  • With power-off protection function, the results can be automatically stored up to 10,000 sets of data;
  • It can be connected to the LIS system to facilitate hospital management;
  • Optional automatic sample feeding tray, with automatic cup-seeking detection system;
  • The user can switch the instrument on and off at any time 24 hours as needed to save costs;
  • After sample analysis, it has automatic flushing function to keep the electrode in good standby condition.


Model EA-5-25-A EA-5-25-B EA-5-25-D
Test item K、Na、Cl K、Na、Cl、TCO2 、AG K、Na、Cl、 iCa、nCa、TCa、pH 、TCO2 、AG
Sample Types Serum, Plasma, Whole blood, Cerebrospinal fluid and diluted urine
Sample consumption 60-300μL(Item 3 to item 11)
Measuring technology Ion Selective Electrode
Analysis time 25-40 seconds
Storage Up to 10000 test results
Printer Internal thermal printer
Ambient Conditions 15-40 °C( (60-104 F), ≤ 85% humidity
Communication Interface RS232
Optional Auto sampler :  39 positions (Including 5 emergency and 2 QC)
Electricity 220V±20V AC, 50Hz-60Hz, ≤120W
Dimension 380mm*270mm*400mm
Net weight 7Kg


Measuring range, resolution and accuracy:

Items Measuring Range Resolution Measurement accuracy(CV%)
K 0.5—20.0 mmol/L 0.01mmol/L ≤1.0%
Na 15—200 mmol/L 0.1mmol/L ≤1.0%
Cl 15—200 mmol/L 0.1mmol/L ≤1.0%
Ca 0.1—6.0 mmol/L 0.01mmol/L ≤1.0%
pH 4—9 pH 0.01pH ≤0.5%


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