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Fetal Monitor, PM-200F

  • Fetal heart rate, Contractions pressure, and Fetal movement count
  • Continuous operation mode
  • With alarm function
  • Error of fetal heart rate measurement≤ 2 times / min

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The monitor is composed of sensors and monitor. The operation mode of the monitor is the continuous operation mode. Monitor measurement function including fetal heart rate, contractions pressure, and fetal movement count.

  • Measurement and display of the instrument fetal heart rate, with a display range of 65 times / min ~ 210 times / min.
  • Accuracy of fetal heart rate measurement: the error of fetal heart rate measurement should not exceed ± 2 times / min
  • Alarm function: the instrument with alarm device shall be equipped with luminous or sound device.When measuring the fetal heart rate exceeds the preset value, the alarm should be generated, and can eliminate the alarm.The time from the fetal heart rate to the start of the alarm is no more than 30s.
  • The measurement of contractions pressure shall meet the measurement range of 0 units ~100 units specified in YY0449-2003; the nonlinear error of pressure measurement is ± 10%.
  • The monitor has the function of fetal movement counting. When fetal movement occurs, the hand can press the fetal movement switch and count the fetal movement and marking function.


Model PM-200F
Power consumption 80VA
Ambient temperature 5℃ ~40℃
Relative humidity 85%
Atmospheric pressure 86kPa ~106kPa
Electricity AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz
Preheating time 2min
Package dimension (mm) 350*310*200
Product dimension (mm) 290*235*80
Package weight (kg) 3.8
Product weight (kg) 3


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