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Flattening Station( Water Bath&Slide Dryer ), TSBW-T3

  1. Triple overheat protection device
  2. New type of heating element
  3. Unique temperature measurement design

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Full computer automatic control program, adopt imported single-chip microprocessor control, complete functions and simple setting.
Pure green digital display module, clear display, real-time display of all parameters of working status, and more intuitive data.
The temperature measurement adopts imported temperature measurement integrated block, which has high precision and reliable performance.
New heating mechanism using a new-type high-thermal-conductivity heating element provides even and quick heating.
Unique temperature measurement design directly collects the operating environment temperature, and the temperature measurement is more accurate.
Pre-interface (optional) with real-time acquisition of online temperature network.
With memory function:The set temperature is automatically retained after running.
With memory function:The set temperature is automatically retained after running.
Triple overheat protection device, safe and reliable.
Temperatures for floating and drying slides are individually controlled,which meets different requirements.
Two independent heating tank with DC low-voltage illumination system and removable transparent heating dish: easy operation and convenient observation.
High borosilicate high temperature glass heating pot, high light transmission performance, split design, easy to change liquid and maintain.
The PID three-way independently control the temperature of the floating and drying slides, without affecting each other.
With lighting brightness adjustment and display brightness adjustment functions.
Equipped with a high-precision clock, multiple windows are independently displayed, and the working status is clear.
Powerful timing function, the machine can be preset to switch on and off at any time of the week, the whole machine can be timed, or any single function can be timed.
With power-off memory and call self-start function.
With audio playback function, equipped with TF card slot, USB interface, headphone interface.
Scientific physical slope, serrated baking table, easy to put and take.
Special black material baking table, anti-corrosion and anti-wear.


Model TSBW-T3
Temperature control range of floating slide RT~70℃
Temperature control range of drying slide RT~100℃
Temperature control precision ±1℃
Dimensions of water bath dish 155×155×55 mm
Dimensions of baking table 405×130 mm (32 slides)
Electricity AC 100V~120V/AC 220V~240V
Power frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power 600W
Package Dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 620×570×320  mm
Weight 14.5kg


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