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Fully Automated dry Biochemistry Analyzer (POCT), BA-PA-120

  • Test up to 34 parameters in total
  • Test results in 12 minutes
  • 3-step simple operation
  • Build results database (LIS System)

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BA-PA-120 auto dry biochemistry analyzer is a biochemical analsis system that integrates conventional biochemistry, coagulation, electrolyte items. it is widely used in primary health, emergency diagnostic testing, field rescue and other fields.


Low Sample Consumption

Sample Volume needed is 1/10- 1/20 of conventional chemistry analyzer.

Easy to Use

No professional skill required.

Maintenance Free

Robust analyzer, no consumables needed, such as tubes, pumps and valves.

Accurate Result

Using the photoelectric colorimetric principle, the BA-PA-120 analyzer has many advantages versus conventional dry biochemistry analyzer using the light reflection method. Dilution of test sample is guaranteed  without random errors or cross contamination.


Sample volume 90-120μL
Barcode Two-dimensional barcode
Testing Time 12minutes/sample
Temperature 37℃±0.3℃
Resolution 0.001Abs
Absorbance 0-3.0Abs
Sample type(biochemistry,  electrolyte) Anti-coagulated whole blood, serum, plasma
Sample type(coagulation) Anti-coagulated whole blood
QC&Calibrate Real time full-auto finish
Working Conditions Temperature:10-32℃; Humidity: <85%
Testing Principle Absorption spectroscopy,transmission turbidimetry
Testing Method End point, kinetic,fixed time and turbidmetry
Light Source 12V/20W,halogen tungsten lamp, life span is over 2500 hours
Electricity AC100V-240V , 50-60Hz
Display Android 6.5 inch 800*480,multi-point capacitive touch screen
Storage 500000 results
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Connector 4 USB ports, 1 LAN port
Package Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm) 340*320*400
Net Weight 4.2Kg


AW00002 14 General Chemistry Kit ALB,ALP,ALT,AMY,AST,Crea ,GGT ,GLU ,TB ,TC, TG ,TP ,UA ,UREA ,U/C*, GLOB* ,A/G*
AW00867 19 General Chemistry III Kit ALB ,ALP ,ALT ,AMY,AST, CHE ,CK ,Crea ,DB ,GGT, GLU ,HDL ,TB ,TBA ,TC ,TG , TP ,UA ,UREA ,U/C*, GLOB* , A/G* , LDL*
AW00430 10 Liver Function Kit ALB ,ALP ,ALT ,AMY,AST, DB ,GGT ,LPS ,TB ,TP, GLOB* ,A/G*
AW00131 10 Liver Function Kit ALB ,ALP ,ALT ,AMY,AST, CHE ,GGT ,TB ,TBA ,TP, GLOB* , A/G*
AW00194 13 Health Check kit ALB ,ALT , AMY, AST , Ca, Crea ,CK , GLU , PHOS , TB , TG ,TP , UREA ,U/C*,
AW00353 6 Lipid Kit ALT, AST, GLU, HDL, TC, TG, LDL*
AW00857 11 Chemistry CRP Kit TP ,Crea ,TB ,AST ,ALP, ALB ,ALT ,DB ,GLU , UREA, CRP ,U/C* ,GLOB* ,A/G*
AW00866 18General Chemistry II Kit ALB,AMY,AST,Ca,CK,Cl,Crea ,GLU ,HBDH ,K+ ,LDH , LPS ,Mg ,Na+ ,PHOS ,tCO2 , UA ,UREA ,U/C*
AW00275 8 Renal Function Kit ALB ,Ca ,Cl- ,Crea , K+ , Na+ , UA ,UREA ,U/C*
AW00088 8 Renal Function Kit ALB ,Ca ,Crea ,GLU ,PHOS, tCO2 ,UA ,UREA ,U/C*
AW00246 7 Electrolyte Kit Ca ,Cl- ,K+ ,Mg ,Na+ ,PHOS , tCO2
MD20201 5 Cardiac Kit AST ,CK ,HBDH ,LDH ,CK MB
MD20105 10 Relyte kit Ca,Cl-,Crea,K+,Mg ,Na+, PHOS ,tCO2 ,UA ,UREA ,U/C*
MD20182 17 General Chemistry IV kit TC ,TG ,HDL ,Hcy,LP(a), Cys-C ,Crea ,UREA ,UA, GLU ,FRUC ,TP ,ALB ,AST, ALT ,TB ,DB ,A/G* ,U/C*, LDL* ,IBIL* ,GLOB*
MD20192 19 General Chemistry V Kit AST ,CK ,CK-MB ,LDH, HBDH ,CRP ,K+ ,Na+ ,Cl-, Ca ,Mg ,PHOS ,tCO2 ,AMY, LPS ,GLU ,Crea ,UA ,UREA,
MD10184 4 Coagulation Assay Kit APTT ,Fib ,PT ,TT ,INR*
MD10186 HbA1c Kit HbA1c


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