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Fully Automatic Urine Analyzer, UA-A3-240

  • Test Speed:240 strips/hour(15 seconds/strip)
  • On Board Sample Capacity:5 racks of 10 tubes (50 samples)
  • Sample Volume:Minimum volume: 3mL
  • Aspiration Volume:Less than 1mL

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UA-A3-240 Fully Automatic urine analyzer has a high-precision sample dropping system, which is fast, accurate and low failure rate.


  • Each module of the instrument adopts 32-bit ARM processor, and Can bus connection is applied to achieve fast and accurate result.
  • The high-precision sampling system ensures the accuracy of the sample size of the test strip and reduces the pollution of the working table.
  • The unique IC card control system reduces the batch difference of test strips and makes the results more accurate.
  • Unique system upgrade function: convenient TF card upgrade maintenance function, users can experience the latest software support synchronously.
  • The instrument can complete the whole process of sample submission, sample injection, sample dropping, analysis and output report automatically without personnel on duty.
  • It can be online detected with the urine sediment analyzer and provide a comprehensive solution for urine, combining urine dry chemistry test results, sediment test results and physical and chemical indicators comprehensively.


Model UA-A3-240
Test Speed 240 strips/hour(15 seconds/strip)
On Board Sample Capacity 5 racks of 10 tubes (50 samples)
Sample Volume Minimum volume: 3mL
Aspiration Volume Less than 1mL
Test Principle Photoelectric colorimetric method
Test Parameters Urobilinogen(URO), Bilirubin(BIL), Ketone (KET), Blood (BLD), Protein (PRO), Nitrite (NIT), Leukocytes(LEU), Glucose(GLU), Specific Gravity(SG), PH(pH), Ascorbic Acid(VC), Microalbumin(MAL)
Data Storage Capacity 20,000
External Output RS-232
Electricity AC 220V, 50Hz
Power 300VA
Fuse 250V 2A
Environment Temperature:15° C ~ 35° C

Optimum temperature: 20° C~25° C

Relative humidity:≤75%

Printer Thermal printer
Dimensions(L*W*H) 660*625*581mm
Net Weight 65kg


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