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Gel Imaging System, GEP-GDX3T

  1. Pixel: 6 million pixels
  2. Exposure: 1 ms-5000ms
  3. Photosensitive Efficiency: High QE: >79%
  4. Pixel Merge:1×1

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Nucleic acid detection with various fluorescent dyes such as EB , SYBRGold, SYBR Green, SYBR Safe,Gel red, Gel Green, Texas Red, Fluorescein labeled DNA / RNA, etc.
Gel Imaging System, GEP-GDX3T
Highly integrated and fully automatic, simple interface, main interface oriented display shooting button and time control, easy to operate, no manual tedious debugging.
New module design, with fast focusing high-resolution CCD camera.
Less noise, high sensitivity, large resolution.
F1.0 high-throughput 20 million high-definition auto focusing lens, and multi-layer coating special filter.
Gel Imaging System, GEP-GDX3T2


Pixel 6 million pixels
Exposure 1 ms-5000ms
Photosensitive Efficiency High QE: >79%
Pixel Merge 1×1
Electric Lens F=1:1.0 20 million auto focus lens
Dynamic Range ≥4.8 orders of magnitude
Image Density 16 bit (0-65535 colors)
Ultraviolet Transmission 302nm, optional transmission blue light
White Light Reflection LED reflection (cold light)
White Light Transmission White light conversion sample plate
Filter Lens 590nm standard configuration, others optional
Shooting Area Shooting area: 21x21cm
Timed Close 1~60 minutes
Touch System 12.5-inch touch
Dimension 360*362*566mm
N.W./G.W. 19.5kg/22.3kg
Shipping Dimension 450*462*666mm


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