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Gel Imaging System, GEP-GDX6T

  1. Pixel: 9 million pixels
  2. Cooling Temperature: -65℃
  3. High QE: >95%
  4. Pixel Size: 3.74μm×3.74μm

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Luminescence detection: Western Blot, ECL, ECLplus imprinted membrane, self-luminescent microplate, biochip and other self-luminescent samples.
Gel Imaging System, GEP-GDX6T2

The integrated chemiluminescence imager is equipped with a scientific research-grade cryogenic super-sensitivity back-illuminated CCD camera, a large aperture lens, and a built-in touch computer mainly used for chemiluminescence and biochip imaging;
Its product shooting software has modular functions, guided operation, simple operation, automatic hardware processing, and functions such as image management, viewing, and enhancement.

The integrated chassis is formed at one time and has a seamless design to prevent light leakage.
It adopts a cryogenic scientific research-grade ultra-sensitive back-illuminated camera and a large aperture lens.
The lens has auto focus function, no need to focus manually. Compatible with samples of different thicknesses.
Electric sample stage, hardware and software linkage, one-touch automatic sampling, automatic shooting, intelligent imaging.
Automatically shoot samples and markers are automatically superimposed.
Millisecond-level accurate automatic exposure, no need to repeatedly estimate the exposure time.


Pixel 9 million pixels
Cooling Temperature -65℃
Photosensitive Efficiency High QE: >95%
Pixel Size 3.74μm×3.74μm
Binning 1×1  2×2  4×4··· 24×24
Exposure 1ms-120min
Image Density 16 bit (0-65535 colors)
Dynamic Range ≥4.8 orders of magnitude
Electric Lens F=0.95 Auto focus lens optional F0.8
White Light Reflection LED reflection (cold light)
Shooting Area Max.shooting area: 16x14cm
Timed Close 1~60 minutes
Touch System Built-in 12.5-inch high-performance touch computer
Dimension 360*362*566mm
N.W./G.W. 17.8kg/20.3kg
Shipping Dimension 450*462*666mm


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